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14 Non-Paper Business Cards

Want a business card that stands out? Then write this down: Think non-traditional, fun, functional, or possibly even edible.

Now throw away that piece of paper you wrote on, because we’re about to show you some examples of business cards that tell paper to take a hike. Give some thought to removing the traditional card stock medium from your networking strategy and have little paper-free fun.

1. A Fun Twist on Business Cards

Turn yourself away from the paper business card mentality with this bendable business card concept. Show your multidimensional skills with this flexible placard that twists to show multiple messages.

Non-Paper Business Cards 1


2. Thinking Outside of Card Stock

Fun, retro, and functional, this non-paper clothespin business card will help you be remembered anytime the recipient goes to open their bag of potato chips.

Non-Paper Business Cards 2


3. What a Bacon-tastic Idea

It was only a matter of time that someone took the hip hog product and turned it into a get noticed tool.

Non-Paper Business Cards 3


4. Baked Goodness to Win Over Customers

A cookie business card? Yes. A cookie business card.

Non-Paper Business Card 4


5. A Sweet Business Card

Be the cream of the crop with another edible business card idea– an ice cream sandwich that is sweet and cool.


6. Dog-tagged to Impress the Rest

Stainless steel business cards can be chic, modern or retro.

Non-Paper Business Cards 6


7. Corking It Up

A similar shape and weight to paper counterparts will help keep your cork card in your contact’s pocket, and its unique structure will keep you in their memories.

Non-Paper Business Cards 7


8. Getting Inked

Just because you got rid of the paper, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the ink.

Non-Paper Business Cards 8


9. A Techy

Take on Business Cards

QR codes are everywhere now and can be a great way to zap potential employers straight to your personal website. We love this combination of a QR code on a metal pet tag. The concept, combined with the sleek blue color, has just enough quirk to work.

Non-Paper Business Cards 9


10. Mus-chievious Fun

Plastic business cards open the door to a plethora of options, but I think this is one of the most fun venues. It’s hard to be forgotten with a calling card that gives passersby a mustache in an instant.

Non-Paper Business Cards 10


11. An All-Natural Sell

Nature takes center stage with this concept. I don’t consider this paper, despite the fact that these cards are made from a form of specialized lightweight paper, because your client will think that your calling card fell fresh from an autumn tree.

Non-Paper Business Cards 11


12. Stretchy & Useful

Again, a calling card that is as useful as it is informative is a great option for a non-paper, get-remembered tool. Whether your card gets flung across the room at a coworker or holds together a stack of newspapers, a rubber band option shows you’re fun, functional and willing to stretch as far as necessary to get the job done.

Non-Paper Business Cards 12


13. Lego All the Way

Use these childhood throwbacks as your card and you won’t be able to keep up with all the calls.

Non-Paper Business Cards 13


Go Paperless!

Of course, there are some amazing paper business cards out there, and there are endless ways to get creative that way. But just remember that when it comes to designing business cards, you can play with shape, material, color, and texture. These examples will hopefully serve as some inspiration for you.

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