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We offer High Quality business card printing and design services in Seattle - we ship anywhere! Our custom business cards are likely to be your best choice. Here's why. Our business cards are High Quality and we have a creative graphic designer who will guide you through the touch up or design process so that you get the best business cards! You can do this without leaving your office. If you have access to an e-mail system, that's all you need to get unique looking business cards - it's that easy! Or, if you prefer, simply come in so that you get one-on-one time with a graphic designer. If you're thinking of starting a business, then it is important to get started on your new business cards right away. Designing a unique business card properly takes time, so it should be one of the first things you consider when starting a new business. Business cards are an immediate and effective way to promote your business. You'll want to pass out unique business cards every chance you get. It is important to get the business card design process started immediately so that you have them for every important moment that comes along. Whether you need new business cards, or touch ups on your existing business cards, we're here to help!

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Free business cards are available to customers who additionally purchase other products over a certain dollar value. Because we are a graphics & sign company there are many other products that we sell which your company can probably benefit from. If you purchase those other products from us, we have no problem providing you a bunch of business cards for free! That's value added when you work with us. Who couldn't use some free business cards? Have a look around our website for other products that your business could use. Come in and place a signage or vehicle graphics order that is at least $300 in value and receive 250 business cards for free! All you have to do is simply come in and place your signage order, then ask for your free business cards.

There are a variety of places that you can probably go to make business cards. BUT, when deciding where to print business cards, the one thing you need to know the most is having a creative graphic designer who understands business advertising. Printing business cards is not the hard part - business cards printing is easy. The hard part is to get business cards that are designed well. Therefore it is very important to work with a business card company that has a creative graphic designer who understands business advertising. We are the ideal business card maker because we produce all kinds of advertising products for companies throughout the region from scratch. This gives us a lot of business card making experience. By contrast, other companies that sell office products simply provide business card making as an incidental extra service. Simply put, they are not experienced in business advertising because that's not what they do - they sell office items. They do not provide you a professional graphic designer who works exclusively in designing advertising products from scratch like we do. If you want the best design, then you need to go to a company that does design organically every day. Because we design advertising products from scratch every day, this makes us your most qualified choice to make your business cards.

The best business cards are the ones that provide the most relevant information to the viewer and are aesthetically balanced with simple design. That's why you need custom business cards designed by a professional graphic designer. Our designer knows what to do - and what not to do. In order to achieve the best business card design there are a number of

things to consider such as simplicity, balance, color, contrast and highlighting relevant information. Relevance is important. Adding too much information may lead to a distracting design that is too busy. A business card design that is too busy will cause the viewer to miss information. Therefore it is very important to keep your design simple and to only include the most relevant information that your prospect needs. Our graphic designer will help guide you through this complicated decision making process. A creative graphic designer will give you a cool business card design so that you have the best business cards!

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Making or designing your own business cards is NOT advised. If you design your own business cards, then it is quite likely you will violate or miss important design elements. Making your own business cards is not a trivial process. Because you likely own the business, you will probably introduce some bias into the design of your own business cards. That's only natural. You will be faced with decisions regarding what to choose and what to leave out. Even though designing your own business cards may seem like a simple process, it will quickly become overwhelming. What's worse is that you may have a very bad design outcome. First impressions are very important. If you hand out a business card with a bad design, then chances are the viewer will think your company's services or products are equally bad. The golden rule: never design your own business cards. Let an unbiased third party design your business cards for the optimal result. If you make your own business cards you risk leaving a bad impression. After working so hard to build your business that's not something you want to risk. Never make your own business cards.

We produce designer business cards that are tailored specifically to your business. Because we produce advertising products from scratch we therefore have a vast quantity of experience putting together business card designs organically. We have an on-site business card designer who will help you put together a custom business card design tailored specifically for you and your business. Our graphic designer will work with you one-on-one either through e-mail or face-to-face so that you are guided throughout the entire business card design process. This will ensure that your custom business cards incorporate important design elements while including things that are also important to you.

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From the moment you approve the final design, it usually takes about two calendar weeks before your business cards are ready to be picked up or shipped. The time you spend working with the graphic designer prior to the final design is not included in the two weeks. The two weeks begins after you approve the final design. Two weeks is worst case, though sometimes your business cards can be ready before two weeks. Therefore it is very important to get started as early as possible. If you need your business cards sooner, then we can speed that process up, but it may cost a little more. Here's the process:

1. Work with a graphic designer to start the proofing process.

2. The graphic designer will send you the proof through email until you are satisfied.

3. You approve the final design. The clock starts ticking.

4. Your business cards are ready for pick up or to be shipped within two weeks (worst case)

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