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Martin Yale GC210 Gutter-Cut Business Card Slitter

  • Capacity: 360 cards/min
  • Format: 10-up Gutter Cut
  • Printed Sheet: 8 ��x11�
  • Card Size: 2�x3 ��
  • Feed Table Capacity: 5/8� thick stack

List Price $3067.00 Our Price $1535.00

GSA Pricing available

The Martin Yale GC210 Business Card Slitter quickly and professionally produces business cards with bleed edge design and less scrap. The GC210 will make both bleed and no-bleed cards, but no matter what type of cards you choose to make, the machine works in two-pass operations.

The GC210 business card slitter accepts sheets of 8 �”x 11” size cutting them into two strips of 3 � “x 11” size. You have to insert the 5up sheets again to have them cut into ten 2”x3 �” business cards. The bleedon a business card will allow any image or background to reach all the way to the edge of the card eliminating the white borders. Moreover, the Martin Yale GC210 takes up to 5/8” stack of sheets cutting them into business cards at up to 360 cards/minute

  • First Pass:

    Cuts 8 ��x11� sheets into two strips of 3 ��x11�

  • Second Pass: Take the 5-up sheets and cut them into 2�x3 �� cards
  • Creates business cards with both bleed design and no-bleed design
  • Cutting blades are semi-self sharpening to allow for years of operation without sharpening or replacement
  • Adjustable paper guides allow for easy set up for customized needs
  • Continuous feeding of stacks up to 5/8" thick
  • Convenient extra large waste bin for the scrapes and easy clean up
  • Creates up to 360 cards/minute

  • Business card slitters allow you to quickly produce business cards on demand. These machines are ideal for corporate environments, small print shops and copy shops. Business card slitters range from table top models to high production floor models.
    Various types of stock and paper sizes can be used on these machines. Martin Yale is the major manufacturer of business card slitters. Its popular products are the Intimus 500 Stack Wagon, BCS210, CDS200, BCS410, BCS412, GC210 Gutter-Cut Business Card Slitter and GC208 Gutter-Cut Business Card Slitter.

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