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Business Card Design Tips for the Consultant

Before you begin designing a business card for a consultant client, knowing what field of consulting they are in will better help you create a look that works for them. Consulting is a field of business in which professionals work with other professionals to solve problems. For instance, if you were starting a restaurant with no knowledge of interior design, you would hire a design consultant. If you are an engineering office in need of advice about 3-D programs, then you would hire a consultant proficient in that area. Business card printing for consultants should reflect their hard work and professionalism, so here are some great tips for creating an effective business card for consultants.    

#1 Be Specific  
There are as many types of consultants as there are businesses. In order for your business card printing to be effective, you must make your client's specialty clear. Use the full business name. And if it is not clear what type of business the consultant is in by the title, then add a line with a short description of what he or she does.    

#2 The Logo Should Reflect Professionalism  
Some common logos for consultants are computer mouses, building skylines, and lighthouses. These are

symbols of hard work and professionalism. The logo should reflect whichever area of consulting your client specializes in. For instance, a building consultant may choose a hammer or wrench as a logo.    

#3 No Nonsense Fonts Work Best  
Consultant business card printing should appear clean and simple. No complications or distractions. Fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are chosen most of the time, since they do not distract from the message of the card.    

#4 Keep the Color Toned Down  
Stay away from bright vibrant colors. Light blues, greens, red, and oranges are used a lot for consultant business card printing. Choose the colors and shades that fit your client's brand of consulting best.     Keep your consultant client's business card simple and clean. Make sure all of the right information is on the card and keep the design formal. A heavier card stock with low gloss or matte coating works well when needing a corporate look and feel for business card printing. To keep your client's costs down, choose an online business card printing company who can print hundreds of quality cards at the right price and get them to your client in only a day or so. 

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