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Showcase of Cool Hipster Business Card Designs

A business card serves a simple purpose: it bears your name, the name of your company or product, and contact details should the client want to get in touch with you. These days business cards are unique and outstanding, reflecting their owners’ personalities, quirks and talents ever since creatives got involved and completely changed the game.

Instead of being the regular flimsy and rectangular definition of business cards, the business cards of today’s hipster generation may be designed in only 1 or 2 colors, have odd cut-outs, look like pizza slices, drink coasters or fish among other things. In this post we have over 70 of these strange and beautiful business cards to showcase.

The Essentials to Designing a Business Card

Before we dive into the massive collection of creative business cards, here are some things you should know about business card designs.

Designing a business card which makes an impression is way harder than it looks. From margins to bleed areas, to how to pick the right color and card size, check out some of the essential aspects in business card designs you cannot afford to overlook.

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70+ Creative Business Card Designs

Here we go: in this massive collection, we’ve handpicked creative business cards of the hipster generation that fully showcase the talents of their makers.


IMAGE: Kevin He

IMAGE: Agata Kowalska

IMAGE: Io Anto

IMAGE: Daniel Rebman

IMAGE: Lemongraphic

IMAGE: Micael Butial

IMAGE: Michelle Thorp

IMAGE: Qanine

IMAGE: Micael Butial


IMAGE: Cris Ruiz

IMAGE: Danielle Muntyan

IMAGE: Etienne Pigeyre

IMAGE: Jack Prettyman

IMAGE: by Webvilla

IMAGE: Io Anto

IMAGE: Ermolaev Bureau

IMAGE: G-sign

IMAGE: Open Studio by K

IMAGE: Lesha Limonov

IMAGE: Anthony Cole

IMAGE: Chelsea Fisher

IMAGE: Martyna Wędzicka

IMAGE: Q Manning

IMAGE: Belinda Love Lee

IMAGE: Kylee Barnard

IMAGE: Belinda Love Lee

IMAGE: Burak Kaynak

IMAGE: Evgeny Katz

IMAGE: Studio Caserne, Elizabeth Beaudoin, Ugo Varin and David Tremblay

IMAGE: Christopher Reath

IMAGE: Matt Hammond

IMAGE: Sharanya Kunnath

IMAGE: Talita Menezes

IMAGE: Patrick Carter

IMAGE: Emir Ayouni

IMAGE: Patswerk

IMAGE: Nishant Kothary

IMAGE: Andrew Power

width="700">IMAGE: Maria Aksyuta

IMAGE: Agnes Herr and nora demeczky

IMAGE: Jeannie Phan

IMAGE: Eslam Atef

IMAGE: David Robinson

IMAGE: Charlotte Skou

IMAGE: Suji Kweon

IMAGE: adelina espinoza

IMAGE: Matt Hammond

IMAGE: Patricia Yammine

IMAGE: Michelle Marcum

IMAGE: Rachel Swift

IMAGE: Felipe Genuino

IMAGE: Mathew Lynch

Another 20 more to go..

IMAGE: Kaitlyn Haddlesey

IMAGE: Itembridge llc


IMAGE: El Calotipo

IMAGE: Umer Ahmed and Haider Ahmad

IMAGE: Daniel Rebman

IMAGE: James Arends

IMAGE: Function Creative Co

IMAGE: Jake Ranallo

IMAGE: ArsiStyle

IMAGE: Jennifer Jewell

IMAGE: Mike Costanzo

IMAGE: MedinaKrluch

IMAGE: Maya Halilovic

IMAGE: Ipek Eris

IMAGE: Choko la

IMAGE: Ermolaev Bureau

IMAGE: Madhuri Garg

IMAGE: Valquiria Rabelo

IMAGE: Dylan McDonough

Designing minimalist business cards

If the use of color and peculiar design of the business cards in this post aren’t what you are looking for, check out more calm and professional-looking styles Nancy picked in her previous collection of beautiful minimalist business card designs.

You’d be surprised with what designers can create with two colors, white space and a whole lot of talent.

Freebie!! 10 business card templates

Can launch a startup, find clients and tackle deadlines like a pro but find it hard to create a business card that can sell well? Here are 10 free business card templates that can give you a headstart on a fine card design.

Download the PSDs and edit them to showcase your organization’s themes, goals and personality.

How to design business card that rocks!

Want to try your hand on creating your own business card? Get the tips you need, the pitfalls you should avoid, the mistakes you shouldn’t repeat and inspiration from creative examples available out there.

And when you’re done with the learning process, get down to designing a business card that will rock your clients’ socks off.

How tech moguls’ Business Cards look like

Here are what the business cards that belong to 15 of today’s biggest tech moguls — includingBill Gates ,Mark Zuckerberg ,Steve WozniakandSteve Jobs— look like before they became household names.

Learn from the greats and stop worrying about getting your business cards right the first time around.

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