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Who We Are?Cardinal Business Concepts, Inc. is a sales and marketing firm based in the greater Richmond, Virginia area. With our proven campaign, will be expanding into three new markets within the year. We specialize in 3 areas: 1) Customer acquisition and retention. Fortune 500 companies hire us to sell and market their products and services to their customers (business and consumer) 2) Leadership and strategic consultation for our network of offices nationally 3) Coaching and developing young business individuals to become future leaders How does Cardinal Business Concepts execute a campaign? Our clients look for an edge in advertising. There are too many TV commercials, radio ads, direct mail and telemarketers trying to grab people’s attention. We believe the power

of a personal, face to face, LIVE presentation is the most effective way to acquire and retain customers. We introduce ourselves to various business owners and consumers, on behalf of our client, to establish relationships with the decision makers. This enables us to educate them on any changes in our client’s industry, sell various services, and personally develop a lifelong customer for our clients.

Our Mission

We will work as a team and every individual within the organization will experience personal and professional growth. We will strive to be true leaders with integrity and be the best example for others to emulate. We will develop the highest quality and quantity of business partners nationally and soon to be internationally. Cardinal Business Concepts, Inc.5040 Sadler Place, Suite 110

Geln Allen, VA 23060

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