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Student Business Cards

The Office of Career Services (OCS) encourages students to order and use business cards for networking with employers and alumni. Business cards are available from UMD Printing Services for a fee.

If ordered by September 30th each fall, 500 cards are $40; for orders placed after that date, 500 cards are $55.

You must order 500 cards to qualify for the discounted rate.

The business card template conforms to the Smith School’s format and style and will be printed on recycled paper in compliance with University guidelines.

Cards ordered after Orientation will be delivered to the Office of Career Services (2570 Van Munching Hall) and distributed to students via their OCS Career Coach.

Students may request that cards be mailed to a home address (domestic mail only) for an additional $10 fee.

Full payment must be received by UMD Printing Services before they will be printed (see details below).

To order your business cards  

Full-time, Part-time MBA, MS/MFIN students, visit the Printing Services page.

On the first page:

    • Enter yournameand phone number
    • Leave Fax Number blank
    • Enter your email address for contact purposes
    • EnterMasters Programs Officefor Department
    • Leave Chart: Account Number: and Req. Number blank
    • EnterTiffany Zook, 2308 VMHfor the delivery address
    • Click Continue Order once complete. 

On the second page:

    • Select  Business Cards
    • Click  Next Step

On the third page:

    • Select your Business Card Type (choose one):
      • MBA (Full time or Part time MBA)
      • R.H. Smith Master of Finance
      • R.H. Smith Master of Science in Accounting
      • R.H. Smith Master of Science in Information Systems
      • R.H. Smith Master of Science in Marketing Analytics
      • R.H. Smith Master of Science in Supply

        Chain Management

    • If you have been admitted to a Dual Degree Program (MBA/MPP, MBA/MS, etc.) please contact your program advisor for assistance
    • You must choose 500 for quantity
    • Click Next Step

On the final page:

    •  Fill in the additional information that you would like to appear on your card.
      • You do not have to include a Year of Graduation
      • The Smith School MBA does not offer concentrations, but you can specify an area of interest on the line provided if you prefer
      • You do not have to include a full mailing address (address, city, state & zip code).
      • Including a current phone number and email address is highly recommended.
      • Choosing website will instruct the printer to include the Robert H. Smith School of Business URL only. Personal website URLs are not permitted.
    • Upon completion select Review Order.
    • Review your order, and then select Submit when finished. 
    • Once your order has been submitted you must arrange for payment to be made before your order will be processed. Please choose one of the following payment methods:
  • Credit card payment:
    • E-mail your name (exactly as it appears on the card), type of card (MC, VISA, AMEX, etc.), card number, and expiration date (security code not needed) to UMD Printing Services Customer Service at; or
    • Phone at 301-405-9500
  • Check/Traveler’s Check/Money Order, made payable to the University of Maryland:
    • Mail to Customer Service Center, 1113 Patapsco Building, College Park, MD 20742; or
    • Drop off at 5145 Campus Drive (Paint Branch Parkway), College Park, MD (two buildings past the College Park Metro Station, on the right hand side, if coming from campus)

Please direct questions to UMD Printing Services at 301-405-9500 or

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