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5 Ways to Display Your Geek Cred Through Business Cards

One of the downsides of attending a large tech event is the ridiculous number of business cards that you accumulate over the course of a few days. While some cards stand out from others by virtue of their design, we have never come across any cards or business card holders quite like ones we have seen in this roundup. Here are 5 fun, and a bit geeky, business cards and business card holders we love.

Business Card Fun Nerd Style:

1) Persistence of Vision Circuit Board Business Card: Created by Instructables user Sponges this business card like its name implies uses the classic persistence of vision optical illusion to flash your name and number in midair as you wave the card.

2) British Police Box Business Card Holder: This business card holder from Etsy artisan CrankCases is perfect for those wishing to

display their love of a certain doctor while handing out their business cards. $13

3) "Google Me" Business Card: Quite possibly the perfect business card for SEO geeks (as long as they don't have a common name), the classic "Google Me" business card.

4) MocBook Business Card Holder: We love our Macs here at Unplggd as well as miniature objects, so we cannot help but adore these business card holder that look like our favorite Apple laptops. $30

5) Cord Wrangler Business Card: We love these instructions by Core77 for how to fold a business card into an earbud holder and cord wrangler. We can pretty much guarantee that a card pre-made into something every earbud wearer would find useful is not going to get easily discarded or lost. Three cheers for inventive geeks!

What are some fun & geeky business cards and business card holders you've spotted?

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