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While this listing is somewhat accurate, it leads you to believe that this book will hold 600 cards for the included price. In fact, while it can hold 600 cards, it doesn't for the included price and not in the way I would like. It only comes shipped with 10 pages and they claim each page can hold 20 cards. In reality, the pages really hold only 10 cards and still give access to each card.As I said, this binder comes shipped with only 10 pages. Each page claims to hold 20 cards. In fact, to hold 20 cards, you have jam the other 10 behind the first 10. Basically, you double up cards in each card slot. Other card holders I've had are double sided. You can slide cards in individually on both sides of the pages. These pages are not double-sided. These pages only have 10 total slots per page which requires doubling the cards in each slot.I prefer pages that have 20 slots as it makes it a whole lot easier to get the cards in and out of the slots. Additionally, the cards are inserted from the center of the page. This makes it difficult to get cards in and out of the pages because of the tiny space between the slots/cards and the cards bump into each other. The slots themselves are also somewhat tight. Other card

holders I've used allow insertion cards from the left so there's no problem getting cards in and out without bumping and it's also double sided making easy access to individual cards.Ultimately, the ad listing is somewhat deceptive in that this book really only comfortably holds 50 cards in the 10 pages included and would only hold 300 cards total with the maximum of 30 pages. Also, the listing implies that the book supports 600 cards for the included price. Nope. The book ships with 10 pages which only comfortably holds 100 cards. In fact, if you insert the maximum of 30 pages, the book only comfortably holds 300 cards, not 600. Though, if you want to double up the cards in the slots, you can put 600 in the book, but without easy access to each card. Note that 10 replacement pages is ~$10. That means you would need to spend an additional $20 to fill the book to hold 300 cards comfortably or 600 with two jammed into each slot.On the flip side, it is binder. So there may be replacement pages that are more optimally designed, but that means you would need to throw away the included pages and replace them all. Again, not an optimal choice for this price.

The page design for the cards leaves a lot to be desired. I may send this back and keep looking.

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