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I've had this item in my wish list for probably more than 6 months before I finally took the plunge and bought it. The reason for the hesitancy in purchasing it is first, I couldn't decide if I wanted an electric model instead of a manual (and it would cost more than twice) and second, I was thinking I wanted a model with the "bleed" capability (which again would cost more than twice).I really didn't understand what that term "bleed" meant but it seems like a lot of the other reviewers were looking for that capability so I imagined it was an option that was highly desirable. One day I decided to research what that meant and when I understood, I figured out that most of the common business card printing software didn't offer that option anyway (at least the three or four that I've used) and heck, when I printed full color (up to the individual card edges) business cards, my software (I've used MS Word, MS Publisher, Avery) and my printer aligned the cards properly anyway so when I cut, the cut line was always right where the colors of one card met the colors of the next card. That right away made me realize I didn't need the expensive bleed option. Remember, I'm not a pro.The only other thing that held me back by then was the choice of manual or electric. I

was worried that it might take a lot of effort to cut one card with the manual version (not for one sheet, but if I would be cutting 100 sheets, well...). Then, something amazing happened. I was in Office Max and I saw that the card cutter they used in their Print Center was THIS EXACT MODEL! I asked to try it and the lady was nice enough to let me get my hands on it. Lo and behold, not only was it smooth and really effortless to use, I also noticed that it was just lying on top of the desk and there was no need to get cluttered by a power cord and fuss about plugging it on and off. Plus, it dawned on me that I would never be cutting 100 sheets in my home office anyway. That would be a thousand cards and that would take me months to consume. With the manual one, I can just print 5 sheets (for 50 cards) every few weeks or so!

So, that was the story and I ordered it from Amazon right away once I got home from Office Max. If it was good enough for their Print Center, it definitely would be more than good enough for a small office, and I wasn't wrong! These are the reflections of a non-graphic pro, those doing this for a living might have a different thought!

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