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eBay Business Cards

September 13, 2006

One way to grow your business and establish your professionalism on eBay is to get business cards. This helps to seperate you from the eBay who operates more as a hobby.

I have two sets of business cards. One set I send along with all of my sold items. This card includes my contact information and a reminder for the bidder to leave feedback upon reciept. It also helps the buyer remember who I am for any future sales. I have gotten many nice compliments from buyers when they recieve their cards.

The second set of cards I use to market my consignment and bidding services. I take these with me to flea markets, gargage sales, etc and also hand them out to my friends and family. In the few short weeks that I have had this set of cards, I have gotten inquires from 4 different potential customer and sold 6 items for one of them.

Many places charge $30,

$50, or more to print custom business cards. However, there is an online company called Vista Print that you can order free business cards, or for around $10 get a set of cards with custom colors and designs. I customized my cards with eBay colors and even ordered a set of matching return adress labels. Their shipping costs are reasonable and you usually recieve the items much sooner than advertised. Due to eBay rules, I can't give you their website address, but you can do an easy Google search for Vista Print.

I can't tell you how many nice compliments I recieve on the cards when buyers recieve their items or when I meet someone at a flea market, garage sale, etc.

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