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Staples Business Credit Card

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Photo of michaels_167

Sep 20, 2015

Michael Solgonick @michaels_167

$50 Statement Credit5% back in Rewards,6, 12 or 18 mo. deferred financing$50 voucher for copy and print annuallyFree computer diagnostic

No brainer!!!!

Photo of nathanc_6

Aug 14, 2015

Nathan Carper @nathanc_6

I have had the Staples Business Card for almost a year now. I love the fact that there is no annual fee, I was upgraded to 5% back in Rewards and free shipping online. I have taken advantage of their Deferred Financing on several occasions for some Tech Services and some larger purchases over $299. I love that they offer financing for 6/12 or 18 months. Great Card and very flexible!

Photo of tonyh_9

Jun 20, 2015

Tony Hicks @tonyh_9

I love my Staples card. As a creative hobbyist (I do graphic design and printing for events for my friends at cost), this card and its specific purpose allows me to go to staples and get more ink, specific stock, colored paper, invitations, whatever.It's nice to have a specific card for this purpose because I always know it's clear and it allows me to easily track costs related to my hobby.

Features-wise, the APR is fine …read more

Photo of MDerndle

May 07, 2015

Mitch @MDerndle

As someone who runs a small business out of the home, the Staples Business Credit Card is an amazing way to not only keep up on my office supplies but save a lot of money in the process.Great interest rate, good intro rewards and continuing rewards (on top of their already existing rewards structure in store) and flexible payment options make for an all around great card for residential and business customers alike.

If you do …read more

Photo of ElixirTheEnigma

May 06, 2015

Elixir TheEnigma @ElixirTheEnigma

My Staples card gets me all the office supplies I need! There's a wonderful rewards program, and there is no fee to have the card each year. Its easier than ever to use your card to purchase supplies online, and when you work from home that's a huge benefit. I'm happy to have this card.

Photo of jamesp_68

Jan 12, 2015

James Polk @jamesp_68

This is a great Store Credit Card that really synergizes with their rewards program. Good benefits, easy to use, no fees. If you use Staples a lot, this is the card for you.

Photo of alex.uchiha.5074

Nov 03, 2014

Justus Jackson @alex.uchiha.5074

The best thing about this card is the fact that there is no fee each year. This is great if you only occasionally use the card rather than shopping there every week. The extras such as the cash back really work if you do all your office shopping at staples 5% on purchases can really add up. Although the APR is higher than some cards the payment options make it easy to pay the balance …read more Photo of tyshon.joiner.7

Sep 17, 2014

Tyshon Joiner @tyshon.joiner.7

I used the Staples business store card for my business mainly to purchase office supplies such as printer ink, printer paper, a few desktop systems from my staff to use while they worked in the office. What I loved about this card was the no interest if paid in full with 6 months, no fee for cash advances which I rarely used anyway, and the 25 days graces period which thankfully I have not had …read more Photo of SACTHICKMISS

Sep 16, 2014

Charlene Thomas @SACTHICKMISS

Thank you, Staples for giving me the ability to purchase office and school supplies on and offline. You have simplified my life with outstanding customer service, and prompt deliveries.

Photo of sere_chao

Sep 15, 2014

Sere Chao @sere_chao

Because I work from home and thus responsible for all of my own

supplies this card definitely does wonders for me. The next best thing besides actually busy in an office and mooching off their supply stock for free.

Photo of rbrewer92

Mar 24, 2014

Riley Brewer @rbrewer92

I really enjoy dealing with the staples card. Service is always friendly but also the discounts i get as a card member are great! As the son of a store owner i am often shopping at Staples for products and this card makes it quick and easy.

Photo of kyle.bergholtz

Mar 13, 2014

Kyle Bergholtz @kyle.bergholtz

I gave this card 5 stars because of the no annual fee and the zero APR for 6 months. Due to this i have been extremely pleased with this card and would recommend it to anyone in the future.

Photo of lucas_jaeger_94

Feb 04, 2014

Lucas Jaeger @lucas_jaeger_94

I love the Staples business store card. We have a family owned business and this card gets used quite a bit. The no annual fee and the zero APR for 6 months is what initially sold me on the card. However, the rewards are pretty good too. The 5% rewards for everything in store and online is better than most store cards. We have earned quite a few rewards in a short amount of time. …read more Photo of steve_theman_102

Jan 29, 2014

Steve Theman @steve_theman_102

This is a pretty good card for me as I work at home and need office supplies almost weekly from Staples. The card has attractive benefits such as the five percent earn back in rewards on everything purchased. The grace period is perfect for building my credit score as it's very generous, and allows me to pay when I am able to. The late fee for those times when I don't make enough profits from …read more Photo of nelly.mendoza.7146

Dec 30, 2013

Nelly Mendoza @nelly.mendoza.7146

As an owner of a small business this credit card does wonders for me. I use it in everyday purchases needed for my business, from toners to a new desk chair, postage etc. Plus the 5% in rewards on purchases make this card totally worth using. Even though the APR rate is semi high at 23.99% the convenience and quality make up for it. This card is just well rounded and is practical for small …read more Photo of kyle.young.581

Dec 09, 2013

Kyle Storm @kyle.young.581

i used to work at Staples and didn't really think much about these cards other than that I needed to sell them to customers, or get customers interested in them. It wasn't until I left retail and made my own business that I realized how much these things paid off. I needed a new computer and couldn't exactly afford the one I was looking for, but after applying and being approved in the store (the …read more Photo of kathleen_morris_102

Nov 06, 2013

Kathleen Morris @kathleen_morris_102

I signed up for a staples card when I started my teaching job over ten years ago. I cannot count the ways in how handy this Staples card has been for me.

I use this card a lot at the beginning of each school year to get the supplies I need for the year. I also use this card when I buy my daughters school supplies and to buy supplies and make copies for my small …read more

Photo of PlutowasaPlanet

Jun 07, 2013

Rob Callahan @PlutowasaPlanet

I used to work for a large law firm. They had a Staples credit card that they used to purchase office supplies. I was in charge of ordering the supplies, and would often go to the actual Staples store itself to use this card. After the company spent so much money, they got rewards in return for their purchases. Every time I went in there was never a problem with the card, and the company …read more

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