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How to Make Your Own Business Cards & Print Them for Free

by Kristie Lorette

1. Identify a business card template in your desktop publishing or word processing program. Both types of programs offer various designs, layouts and templates from which you can choose.

2. Add your personal business and contact information, such as the business name, your name, business address and phone number.

3. Customize and personalize the card. You can change the font styles, font colors and color palettes of the business card templates to match the color scheme and font styles you use in your business materials.

4. Print a test sheet of business cards. When you finalize your design, print a test sheet on a plain white sheet of copy paper. Review the test sheet to make sure the cards look the way you want them to. Also review the test sheet for spelling errors or other inaccurate information. You may want someone else to review the test print for errors as


5. Fix errors or make final changes. Make the final adjustments to the business card design.

6. Print the cards on cardstock or business card sheets.

7. Tear or cut the cards. If you are using perforated business card sheets, tear along the perforated lines. If you printed the cards on cardstock, use a paper cutter or the ruler and scissors to cut them out.

  • Desktop publishing or word processing program
  • Perforated business card template sheets or cardstock
  • Plain white copy paper
  • Paper cutter (optional)
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Printer
  • For additional business card template options, numerous websites offer free template downloads. Some websites even allow you to design the card online and then print.
  • Business card sheets are available at any office supply store. Some have a preprinted design, so all you need to do is add the text portion using your desktop publishing program or word processing software.

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