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Business Card and Label Maker Pro Download

Business Card and Label Maker Pro is a piece of software meant to help you easily create your own business cards and labels.

Easy-to-use interface

Getting started with the application is easy, courtesy of its simple, straightforward interface, complemented by a variety of built-in Avery labels and card formats.

The software can be used as a database and address book creator, as it is capable to record over 30,000 names. Moreover, it also comes with a mail merge feature, for increased convenience.

With this tool, you can easily manage mailing databases, as it provides you with split and merge functionality, while also offering you the possibility to import and export them.

Adding new entries and details to the address book can be done effortlessly, not to mention that the app allows you to enter a great deal of info on each contact, beside the usual name, phone number and address.

Powerful label creation tools

Business Card and Label Maker Pro comes with a variety of

tools destined specifically for the creation of labels, allowing you to modify text, counters, shapes, etc.

You can easily design the business cards you want by adding text, graphics, or logos to them, and you can also print them directly from the application.

The app comes with a series of pre-defined templates that you can take advantage of, but it also allows you to create your own and to save them for use in future designs.

We found the application to be quite snappy during our testing and to use only a small amount of system resources, even with multiple projects opened at the same time. However, its rather outdated looks might not be that appealing to some of you.

A reliable business card and label maker

In conclusion, Business Card and Label Maker Pro is a handy utility when it comes to creating business cards and labels, since it comes with integrated database and address books capabilities, is easy-to-use and light on computer resources.

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