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The name Rolodex has become synonymous with organization. Keeping track of everything from business cards to pencils is easier with office supplies from this brand.

Make a Good Impression With Office Supply Organizers

Store notelets and envelopes on a desktop with an inclined sorter. A stand-up magazine file keeps instruction manuals and catalogs on the desk for quick access, and stackable file trays keep loose papers and files in one location. Make the business cards of several office associates available to visitors with a clear plastic holder mounted on the wall beside the reception desk or on the counter where it is quickly noticed. Staples also carries a wide array of portable, compact business card cases in materials from colorful plastic and polished metals to fine leather. A rotary file with clear sleeves makes quick work of filing business cards after you've attended a large conference. Cards organized by individual names can be reorganized by business type, business name, city or any number of other criteria with sleeves that are quickly popped out and moved.

Rolodex Organizes More Than Office Workstations

Use Rolodex office supplies to organize schoolwork for a more productive year. A desktop box holds many index cards to supply information about teachers and classmates with their areas of interest and expertise so you have quick access to names when you need to collaborate on assignments. Whether you're a teacher or an administrator, adding a new Rolodex to your back to school supplies list is never a bad idea.  Find the family's favorite recipe quickly in a rotary card file. Insert the cards into clear plastic sleeves to keep them clean for regular use. Use a rotary

file combined with pencil cups to hold spoons, can openers and other small utensils.

Can Organizers Fit in a Desk Drawer?

Pens, paperclips and other small items stay organized in a compartmentalized tray shallow enough to fit in a center drawer. Petite card files less than 3 inches high keep business cards available in the top drawer of most office desks.

Is There a Card Organizer That Fits in a Binder or Standard File Drawer?

Keep client and vendor business cards in one location with an 8.5 x 11-inch business card binder. Use refill pages to add card capacity. Pages with larger pockets are available so you can add photographs and advertising examples to the binder. An attractive leather-like portfolio makes for professional-looking storage of business cards on a desktop. You can even obtain free printable 2017 calendars from Staples to complement your Rolodex and general organization skills. 

Are There Business Card Organizers That Fit in a Briefcase?

Many attractive cases contain pages with four pockets each. Every pocket holds two back-to-back business cards. The cases hold nearly 100 cards in a compact, flexible cover small enough to carry in a briefcase. Non-glare pages are also a convenient feature.

What Is a Quick Way to Organize Client Information for a Rotary File?

Several companies manufacture sheets of cards in sizes that fit a variety of rotary files and card holders, and they can be printed on via a computer. Software templates can be downloaded to make it convenient to print many cards in one operation. Computer merge functions enable transferring information from a database to avoid retyping, and extra-fine perforations make cards easy to separate without scissors.

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