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Three Characteristics of a Great Business Card

Business cards are the first opportunity to present yourself and your company to a customer. Your business card must make an impact on the receiver. It should relay a great deal of information about yourself and your company within a condensed space. To create a memorable and effective business card consider the below characteristics in your pursuit of creating a professional business card.

1 – Text

Give time and thought to the text you use on your business card. You will have to arrange the information in a logical and convenient way to make it easy for customers to use. Adding too much information will force you to use smaller font, which will quickly make it harder to read. Just a few tags word to suggest your product or services and contact information are all you need. List your website and social networks to allow customers to find more information on their own.

2 – Color and Finish

People use their individual taste for the color of their business cards, but you should always choose a color that suits your type of business. If your business depends heavily on professional reputation and stability, you

should choose a plain color such as white, ivory or pale gray. For an artistic business, you can use more color that demonstrates your confidence and skill. A business that involves new technology or state-of-art methods can use a dynamic, highly visible card. Just a small splash of color can help to separate your card from others a customer may have on hand. The finish may be matte, glossy or textured depending on your type of business. THP can help you discover what options are best for your budget and ideal design.

3 – Design

Design is the aspect of your business card that holds each element together. Arrangement of text, color, finish, imagery and readability should come together without feeling patched together. If one element of your business card mix calls too much attention to itself, you have not designed an integrated marketing tool. The individual elements should work together to present a total picture of what potential customers can expect from your business. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help. Our graphic designers and printing professionals can assist you in acquiring the best look for your business card.

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