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FPO: Sarah Alfarhan Business Cards

To get an extemporaneous and creative feel for her business cards, Sarah Alfarhan layered images from her sketch book to create the design on the backs. The resulting cards present Sarah’s contact info on the front and provide a glimpse into her creative process on the back through a kind of make-ready collage.  — Duncan Robertson




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Production Time

2 days

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Paper Stock

Matte Collection / Cover / Ginger  / Cover 90 LBMatte Collection / Cover / Soleil / Cover 90 LBMatte Collection / Cover / Bermuda / Cover 100 LB

Dick Blick / Cover Paper / Chartreuse

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Century Gothic 'Bold'
Memphis 'Light'


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Project Description

Starting this project I knew I wanted to print my business cards on my own, so I decided beforehand that I would print them using the Risograph—RISO Printer Duplicator. For the back of my card I printed pages from my sketchbook

as layers (ranging from 2 to 3 layers on the back of each card in different colors). The pages I selected range from doodles, notes, to compositional thumbnails. I wanted to show glimpses of my creative process on each business card. The results were spontaneous and unexpected which added more fun to the production process. I kept some pieces of the already trimmed sheets of paper because they had fun shapes and I thought I can use them as bookmarks! Blick's cover paper does not state the weight on its packaging. It is lighter than Paper Presentation's Matte Collection (I liked the weight of the Matte Collection paper better). Also I printed a 2nd set of cards (4 sheets of paper = 32 cards) I was not too sure about the design but printed it anyways, it was a waste because now I won’t use those cards. So go with your gut design-wise!” Author Picture

Former intern at UnderConsideration LLC.

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January 10, 2014

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Business Cards

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