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Business Card Paper

Business Card Paper

Make your own business cards and save with our Inkjet and Laser printable blank business card paper! Our business cards measure the standard business card size of 3 1/2" x 2" and are available in a variety of layouts designed to work with all major software. Available in a variety of colors, finishes, thickness, and more, all of our business card paper is made from an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet and is microperforated for easy separation.

More About Our Business Cards The four qualities that most professionals overlook when selecting business card paper include thickness, color, finish, and size. These traits, while subtle, play a vital role in the customer’s perception of you and your professionalism. They determine how the card feels in a reader’s hand, where the receiver can store your card, the amount of information you can provide, and so much more. Because of these factors, we offer this stunning collection of blank business cards.

Standard Business Card Paper – The most popular business card sheet style of 10 per sheet and the easiest to work with since almost all design software has this layout built in. Also, being 10 per sheet, you get the most bang for your buck!

Full Bleed Business Cards – With only 8 business

cards per sheet and a gap between each card, you can bleed your design over the edges of each card to get that “print to the edge” look. These work best for customers who want a color or image background that extends right to the edge of the card.

Folding Business Cards – These cards fold to business card size. This unique design allows you to add twice as much information as you normally would. These are also great to use as place or tent cards for your formal events.

Designer Stationery Business Cards – Don’t have great design skills? No problem. These business cards come with a design preprinted on the background. Just add your information to the blank business cards and print.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Once you’ve chosen your ideal business card style, you’ll discover a list of blank business cards that range 65lb cover stock all the way up to 90lb cover. On the left hand side, you’ll find a box called “Shop By”. This has a list business card qualities, in which you can sort.

Shop By Categories

  • Color
  • Paper Weight
  • Printer Compatibility
  • Finish
  • Price
This degree of customization, allows you to find the right business card for you, your company, and any acquaintance you wish to it share with.

To begin, select the business card style from above that best fits your needs.

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