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Business Internet: Features and Add-ons

Provide the fastest WiFi connection for your employees and customers so they can do more in more places. You’ll get private WiFi for your business and public WiFi for your customers – included in all Business Internet plans except the Starter plan.

Private WiFi is an internal, private and secure wireless network for your employees. They can connect wirelessly to the Internet, servers and other shared devices, like printers, as well as cloud applications.

Your business benefits from:

  • A wireless network for employees that is private, internal and secure
  • A Private WiFi network that is completely separate from the Public WiFi XFINITY Hotspot
  • Being part of the XFINITY WiFi network with over 15 million hotspots
  • Be listed on the Comcast national XFINITY WiFi Hotspot locator map/app
  • Knowing that Comcast Business takes care of the equipment, installation and 24/7 support

Your employees

benefit from:

  • An expanded Internet experience with access throughout your business location
  • Always ready, always fast access to email and business applications via different mobile devices
  • Access cloud applications and shared devices like wireless printers and servers

Public WiFi for Customers

With an XFINITY WiFi Hotspot, your customers can enjoy the convenience of accessing the Internet. Non-Comcast subscribers get limited access to the service, but can get two free, one-hour trials and then can purchase either an hourly, daily or weekly pass.

Public WiFi lets your customers:

  • Stream TV shows and movies, video chat, download apps, share photos, and get on social media networks
  • Get fast connections and a great user experience
  • Have a connection to a service they know and trust
  • Connect for no additional charge if they are already Comcast/XFINITY Internet subscribers simply by entering their username and password

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