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How did you come up with your small business idea?

Simon Hill is the managing director at Wazoku, an idea management company I had an idea of what I wanted and then I put in a lot of planning: I wanted a business idea that really excited me. It had to be B2B as that is my area of interest and had to do with scalable technology that was markedly different to the status quo. For years I met a small group of friends on weekends and evenings to throw around ideas. I knew Wazoku was my killer idea as soon as we began to flesh it out: the sector is really interesting and aligned with what I knew and could see myself doing for some time.

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Investment Opportunity business Consultation in Sri Lanka

Centara Ceysands Resort and Spa Sri Lanka wins 3 titles at South Asian Travel Awards 2016. Centara Ceysands Resort and Spa Sri Lanka is nestled between the Bentota River and the Indian Ocean on Sri Lanka’s South Western Coast. This year’s South Asia Travel Awards’ special gala event was held at Mount Lavinia Hotel Sri Lanka. Read More Havelock City breaks ground for $ 166 m commercial development. The project will be complemented by 2 basement floors for parking with nearly 900,000 car parking slots. This mega integrated mixed used development Havelock City is the brainchild of Overseas Realty Ceylon Plc Chairman S.

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Whatever Floats Your Boat: Maritime Business Ideas to Dip Your Toes In

Businesses by the waters aren’t the most sought after, but they’re definitely not forgotten. There aren’t many people that will actively look for a business close to a body of water or even over a body of water, but there are many untapped opportunities for brave individuals to tackle if they’re looking for a unique business idea that will always be in demand. From shipbuilding to transportation, here are just some of the many maritime business ideas that you can look into and invest in that involve more sea than land. Luxury Cruises One of the most lucrative markets in the maritime industry is the luxury cruise business.

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What is B2C? Business to Consumer Sales Defined.

Definition of B2CB2C is an acronym for "business to consumer". A B2C business is one that sells products or services direct to the consumer, as opposed to another business (B2B). In the Internet age, the ability for small businesses to market directly to consumers has increased, which has led to the growth of the word. In essence, the Internet has eliminated the middle man. Although there are services that are set up to provide direct-to-consumer services, such as eBay for selling goods or Amazon for selling ebooks, people can create their own storefronts and sell to consumers without the need for eBay, Amazon and other services.

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What Businesses Do Best in Bad Economic Times?

by Chris Joseph When economic times get tough, some businesses experience downturns that lead to the loss of jobs or even the closing of their doors. Although this may be the case in many industries, it is not true for everyone. Some types of businesses survive, and often thrive as the result of economic struggles. Of course, people still eat during good economic times as well as bad, but where they eat may change. Because people tend to hold on to their money during a recession, they often eschew restaurants in favor of eating at home. As a result, they're more likely to stock up at the grocery store instead of spending a night out at the expensive Italian bistro around the corner.

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9 Business Ideas That Can Weather a Shaky Economy

Belt tightening is always bad news for small businesses. But small businesses do not suffer equally in tough economic times; while some will be hit severely, other small businesses will only experience a slight dip and still others will actually prosper. So when you're looking for small business ideas, whether because you want to invest in one or because you want to start a small business of your own, the state of the economy will play a significant role in your decision. Here are what I think are the best small business ideas for small businesses to start or invest in tough economic times.

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Flyer Advertising Ideas

by George N. Root III If your marketing budget is stretched, then consider using flyers as part of your advertising. Flyers are used by fund-raising organizations and small businesses to help promote an event or new product release, according to online technology resource Top Bits. With some planning and useful flyer advertising ideas, you can maximize the effectiveness of your hand-out marketing campaign. The quicker you can catch the reader's eye, the better your chances of getting your marketing flyer read. One way to grab a reader's attention is with colorful graphics, according to online business resource Business Know-How.

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Home Based Business - Start a Home Based Business no investment

Home based business is the work or any income opportunity which can be done from home. Some of these require initial investment whereas others need no investment at all. All these home based business ideas have one thing in common- they promise to help you in earning more than what your regular job provides. This sounds like a dream come true for many, because they will have more time to spend with their family and also they can work from home in your comfort time. However, there is a negative side to these part time jobs concept. Some of them are legitimate whereas others are the result of devious plans hatched by frauds.

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