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Business Sales Tax

This information is designed to assist business people and people thinking about operating a business in Oklahoma. What follows is meant to be basic, introductory information and should not be considered the final word in business taxes in Oklahoma. For further information, please contact one of our Taxpayer Assistance Offices or attend one of our Business Tax Workshops. Oklahoma State Sales Tax is levied at 4. 5 percent of the gross receipts from the sale or rental of tangible personal property and from the furnishing of specific services, including printing and advertising (except in newspapers, periodicals, and on billboards, as well as any advertising through the electronic broadcast media, including radio, television and cable television), transportation and auto parking, admissions, lodging and meals, telephone service and the furnishings of other public utilities, such as electricity and natural gas, with the exception of water.

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Business Licensing

Why Tumwater?Building in TumwaterZoningSign RegulationsBusiness Resources Doing Business Print FeedbackThe City of Tumwater requires all businesses engaged in any business activity within city limits to be licensed with the city, according to Tumwater Municipal Code (TMC) Chapter 5. 04.  This includes in-home businesses, in-city businesses (owned and operated in the city), out-of-city business that have transactions in Tumwater, and temporary businesses.    The City of Tumwater has partnered with the Washington State Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service (BLS), which allows you to apply for both a city license and a state license at the same time.

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Business Licensing - Lehi City

A valid Lehi City Business License is required for all business located within the corporate limits of Lehi City.   The definition of business includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession, or activity engaged in for the purpose of economic gain or profit. If the business address is located in Lehi, a business license is required. Certain business professions are specifically exempt by the State of Utah from licensing fees; however these businesses are still required to obtain a license. What is needed to process a business license? Planning and Zoning approval: Not all businesses are permitted in all zones.

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South Carolina Secretary of State:�Site Search

Results for search on �-� �-� Amendments�-� Incorporation Apostilles�-� An Apostille (AP-o-steel) is a certification of a public document or a nota. . . Authentications�-� Apostilles Please viBeforeYouFile�-� Boards and Commissions�-� The Office of the Secretary of StaBoards and Commissions Vacancies�-� Business Filings�-� The Division of Business Filings files organizing documents, amendments and. . . Business Filings - General Information�-� The Secretary of State�s Office is responsible for business filings for bus. . . Business Filings FAQs�-� The SecBusiness Opportunities�-� South Carolina law requires that all business opportunities be registered w.

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Terms of Use

Your Agreement. Thank you for visiting the website ("Site") for the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector ("we," "us," or "our").   We are located at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 225 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, California 90012.   We ask that you carefully review our Terms of Use before using the Site.   These Terms of Use establish a binding agreement that governs your use of this Site.   These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy & Security Policy and applicable Terms of Payment incorporated herein by this reference (together, "Terms"), govern your use of this Site.

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Verification of the Chinese company – the most important document which should be checked if you plan to import from China.

If you are trading with China it is worth to ask your business partners to send basic documents in order to reduce the risk of possible fraud. At the beginning it is worth to determine whether the company has a valid legal registration in China. The basic documents you should ask for is a business license (business license). Every legally operating company must possess this licenses, this document fits on one side of a double paper so there is no problem with scanning and sending it to us. China business license verification This is the first step to confirm the existence of a Chinese company.

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Business License Process

The Business License Application serves as a clearinghouse for information that needs to be exchanged between the applicant and various city departments responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the community. It alerts these departments that a new business may be in operation and it provides information to the applicant regarding how the business may be impacted by city codes. The City Of West Sacramento is proud to present West Sacramento Citizen Access , a new system allowing e-filing of business license applications online, advanced search capabilities for existing licenses in our database, and to show the status of your application throughout the process.

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Business Licenses

(incl. Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, San Lorenzo, Sunol, Livermore Valley) You must obtain a business license from Alameda County only if you are conducting any type of business, including leasing residential and commercial property, or your business is based in an unincorporated area of Alameda County. DO NOT APPLY TO ALAMEDA COUNTY IF YOU OPERATE A BUSINESS WITHIN CITY LIMITS. New Alameda County Business License Business License Renewal To renew online, you must have received a Renewal Notice with your Account # and assigned PIN # (Personal Identification Number).

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Doing Business with the City

Business Ombudsman's OfficeThe Business Ombudsman’s Office is the hub for business services in Santa Fe. It was created by the SF Economic Development Division to stimulate the growth of local businesses, assist entrepreneurs and assist with the relocation of businesses to Santa Fe. It is a matchmaking service dedicated to making government work by providing business services that meet the business persons' needs and schedule.    Skip to Apply for a Business License Services Permitting Services, Business Licensing, Sign Permits, State Regulatory Information, Business Application Assistance, Start-Up Services, Incentives and Financing Information, Location Assistance, Marketing Information and Mentorship.

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County of Greenville, SC

Does the County require a business license? Greenville County does not require a business license. However, contact Codes Enforcement, 864. 467. 7060, for a permit if new construction; for a change of tenant; if the business will be going in an existing building; and to see if the property is zoned correctly for its intended use. Contact individual municipalities for information on whether a business license is required within city limits. NOTE: While the County does not require a business license, we do require a business to file a business registration application.

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