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Resident Service Center

The City of Santa Clarita is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our citizens to ensure they enjoy a high quality of life. Please use our Resident Service Center to access City services and make online requests. Your service request will be designated to a city department that will follow up to ensure the request is resolved in a timely manner. Please note, the Resident Service Center answers non-emergency calls and any request of city services. The Resident Service Center is not monitored during the weekends, in the event of an emergency requiring the response of a police officer, please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at (661) 255-1121, or dial 911.

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Business Licensing - Sexually-Oriented Businesses

For the latest information on Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOB) please refer to the ordinance by clicking here. The information provided here is for quick reference only and may have changed since this page was last updated and does not cover all the requirements or restrictions. What Is a Sexually Oriented Business? Definition: "Sexually oriented business" means nude entertainment businesses, sexually oriented outcall services, adult businesses, seminude dancing bars and seminude dancing agencies. (5. 61. 040, A. 19) Can Alcohol Be Served in a Sexually Oriented Business? Except for seminude dancing bars, it is unlawful to allow, offer or agree to allow any alcohol to be stored, used or consumed on or in the licensed premises.

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Selling Online – Is It a Hobby or a Business?

Are you doing business on the Internet? Selling on eBay? Promoting or advertising someone else’s products on your website or blog? Online money-making opportunities are plentiful – from selling your old books via online auction to promoting products and services for online merchants, or becoming an online merchant yourself. But at what point does this mean you are in business yourself and, since you are making money online, what are your tax and regulatory obligations? Here’s some guidance about ways you can make money online, along with the tax and regulatory obligations tied to each: When Is Selling on eBay a Business? Many of us sell items on eBay or dabble in online money-making activities, but at what point does this become a business and how does this affect your taxes? If you’re selling on eBay, for example, you can claim this activity as a hobby and deductions against it as long as you’re not buying and selling goods with the intention of making a profit.

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Virginia ABC 2017 “Do Not Sell” stickers were mailed in November. A careful reader pointed out that we made an error; the dates were correct, but the wording was wrong. Please discard the green alcohol and the purple tobacco stickers that you recently received. We’ve reprinted the stickers and partnered with the Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association (VBWA) to distribute them. Please watch out for these stickers that are being delivered to ABC-licensed businesses along with a new “Responsibility Guide for Licensees. ”   This 9”x12” booklet contains the new stickers—red for alcohol and blue for tobacco.

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State of Ohio Business License Search » PDFM.Net Upcoming 2016 2017

State of Ohio Business License Search, Business Search: Ohio Secretary State's Office · Jon Husted & the Elections Business Search Name Search By Name Name: Help Business Search - State Search Name; The current name business Charter/Registration Number; A unique identifier assigned to a business by the Search Source: state. oh. us Businesses are required to register with the Ohio Secretary of State to legally conduct License, Agency/Department, Application, Renewal, Lookup, Info, Forms Source: ohio. gov Ohio gov Business Filings & Payments For license and permit applications and renewals, see Licenses & Permits for entities converting within or off the records of the Ohio Secretary of State, Secretary of State Municipal Income Tax Check The Finder for sales and use tax rates Source: ohio.

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Business License Instructions

Anyone doing business within the Temecula city limits is required to have a license; see Temecula Municipal Code Section 5. 04. 030, "Certificate Required. " The purpose of Temecula's business licensing service is to provide a registry of businesses in the incorporated area. It is also intended to protect the interests of legitimate businesses in the City from unfair competition with businesses operating in violation of federal, state, and local laws. This program is not intended to impose any form of taxation on the business community nor to collect in fees more money than is necessary to recover the administrative costs of processing an application for the issuance or renewal of a business certificate.

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Denver, Colorado Business License & Business Permit List

Expand to view a list of sample results. Please register to view in full. Expand to view a list of sample results. Please register to view in full. License Type License Name   Animal Dealer/Services License Denver County, Colorado Pet Shop Building Permit Denver County, Colorado Building Permit Business License Denver County, Colorado Business License Business License Denver County, Colorado Business Privilege License Business License Denver County, Colorado Business Tax Certificate Business License Denver County, Colorado Local

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Do you need a license for Direct Sales

The first thing you should do is attend the dealer class from a DMV approved education provider. You can get the list of the schools by going on DMV's website at www. dmv. ca. go … 1 person found this useful Go to the state of GA department of insurance website and look up licensing. 1 person found this useful Direct sales is basically word of mouth advertising. If you recommend a good mechanic or a specific brand of toothpaste that is direct sales, if you get paid or not. The adva … 1 person found this useful you go into sales and when ready click on the looking glass thing then it will give you a full look at the horse then click buy :)1 person found this useful   No you do not.

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Permits and Licenses - City of Winnipeg

Click on the image below to view information on a specific permit. Alarm Permit - Winnipeg Police Service Approach Construction Permit – Public Works Block Party Permit - Public Works Building Permits Civic Charities Permit - Community Services Construction, Use of Street Permit - Public Works Crossing Permit - Public Works Discharge Weapon Permit - Winnipeg Police Service Excavation Cut Permit - Public Works Home-Based Business Permit – Planning, Property & Development Hydrant Rental Permit - Public Works Fireworks Permits - Fire Paramedic Service Frozen Waterway Permit – Planning, Property & Development Move Permit - Public Works Noise Permit – Winnipeg Police Service Open Air Fire Permit - Fire Paramedic Service Parade Permit - Winnipeg Police Service Parking Permits - Winnipeg Parking Authority Residential Building Permits – Planning, Property & Development Sewer & Water Inspection Permit - Public Works Special Events Permits Street Festival Permit - Public Works Truck / Special Mobile Machine Permits – Public Works Waterway Permit – Planning, Property & Development Licenses - Alphabetical List Bicycle License - Community Services Business Licenses - Community Services Dog License Raffle License - Community Services Sewer and Water Contractors License - Water & Waste A contractor must be licensed by us to perform work on the City water system or sewer system, or to install services that connect to the City water or sewer system.

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District of Columbia Business Licenses Directory

The District of Columbia Corporations Division is responsible for the registration of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Online searches for registered companies can be performed by company name or filing number. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) issues business licenses for many business activities in the District of Columbia. An online search can be performed for business licenses by name or address. The DCRA also regulates professional licenses for professions such as accountants, appraisers, cosmetologists, engineers, and real estate professionals.

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