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How to get an import/export license in India to do business with China

I can answer this question as I have just applied for iec as a individual /proprietor. You need following documents. 1. current bank account, you need to give rs. 600 cheque from this account to buy class 2 digital signature from e Mudhra. 2. photo I'd proof like voter card, aadhar card or driving license. 3. pan cardHow to get digital signature certificate for iecAs per my recommendation e Mudhra dsc is cheap & best. You need following documents for getting digital signature certificate. Pan card with sign & firm stampPhoto ID with sign & stampEmudhra application form with passport photo of applicant with sign across, firm stamp & bank managers stamp & sign.

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Do Consulting Companies Need a Business License?

by Joe Taylor Jr. Consultants can often qualify to accept client fees after completing a brief business license application with their county clerk’s office. Doing business in larger cities may require applying for a business privilege license at city hall. States that force the collection of sales tax on consulting fees require consulting companies to register with their department of state. County or state officials may also require a fictitious business license when a consulting company operates under anything other than the personal name of its founder.

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Washington Master Business License Application

We file business license applications (also known as Master business license application) almost every day for our clients. It’s an important step in starting a business in Washington State. If you fill out the form wrong, it could be rejected. It also could notify all the wrong state agencies. You could be sending in zero returns, fielding audit phone calls from state agencies you’ve never heard of, and if you didn’t get accomplished what you really needed to do with the application, you’ll have to do it all over again, and wait another month to hear back.

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Apply For A Business License Savannah, Georgia

To open a small business in Savannah, GA, you must first obtain a business license, which is also called a Business Tax Certificate. The first step to obtaining a business license is to verify that your business is zoned correctly. To do this, you must fill out the Zoning Notification form and submit it to the City of Savannah’s Inspections Department, located at 5515 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31405. After the Inspection Department has approved your business location, they will sign and stamp the Zoning Notification Form and return it to you.

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How to Check on a Business License

by Grace Ferguson 1. Contact the state licensing board to check on a state license. Many states require business owners to apply for a state license via the secretary of state. For example, you would contact the Georgia secretary of state to verify a Georgia business license. The secretary of state can direct you to the appropriate department if it didn’t issue the license. For example, the Washington secretary of state website leads you to the Washington State Department of Licensing website, where you can check on a business or professional license.

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Online PA100 Home

The PA On-line Business Tax Registration (PA-100) will assist you in completing all applicable sections that pertain to your enterprise's individual registration needs. The On-line PA-100 may be used to register a new enterprise, add additional taxes or services, or to register a new enterprise that is acquiring all or part of an existing enterprise.      Taxes included on-line: Employer Withholding Tax Sales, Use, & Hotel Occupancy Tax Promoter License Public Transportation Assistance Taxes and Fees Sales, Use, & Hotel Occupancy Tax License Transient Vendor CertificateUnemployment Compensation  Use Tax Vehicle Rental Tax Wholesaler CertificateWorkers' Compensation Coverage Other Tobacco Products Tax Effective Oct.

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Permits & Licenses

The Board of Equalization administers many tax and fee programs. Depending on your type of business, you may be required to hold one or more permits, licenses or accounts. How do I register for a permit, license, or account? The BOE has a secure, convenient, fast, and free way to register online for a permit, license, or account. The system guides you through the process and will assist you with the types of permits you may need for your business. How do I renew my license? Certain special tax and fee programs require a license that needs to be renewed each year.

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List of Licenses

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | MN | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z Accountants(Board of Accountancy) Acupuncturists, East Asian Medicine Practitioners(Department of Health) Adjusters, Insurance(Office of the Insurance Commissioner) Administrators, Electrical(Labor & Industries) Administrators, Telecommunications(Labor & Industries) Adult Residential Rehabilitation Facilities(Department of Health) Adult Treatment Homes, Private(Department of Health) Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)(Department

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What kind of licenses are required to run e-commerce sites like Shimply, Flipkart, Snapdeal?

There are no special licenses required to run an online business. They follow the usual business rules and taxation law, similar to an offline business selling products India wide. True, no special licences are required. However, a strict adherence to the laws of land is observed. As the TG is not region specific and the procurement is done from vendors from different parts of the country, all the companies need to ensure that tax laws, which may change from state to state, are followed and things are well documented.   Besides these, there are vendor agreements and SLAs from other stakeholders which don't have much to do with the licences.

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Wisconsin Business Licenses Directory

Business and professional records are available through the Wisconsin License, Permit, and Registration Services. A comprehensive online database is available whereby searches can be performed according to type, including banks, brokers, business entities, educational licenses, and health licenses. Searches can also be performed by category or agency name. Attorney licensing is managed by the Wisconsin Bar Association. Attorney records can be searched online by name, location, bar identification number, law school, graduation year, or license status.

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