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Information systems & Information Management

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Are you an IT student? Read up on information systems and information management by taking a look at the free books in this category. Read about subjects such as business information management, database theory and information systems.

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Premium FreePDF English Pages 0

From technologies to processes, from B2C to B2B, from payment to security, the book investigates E-Commerce integratedly – for readers with an economic as well as with a computer science background.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 182

This course offers hands-on knowledge, practices and insight into most important logistic, financial and HRM processes and the integration of business processes.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 223

This textbook is a basic introduction to business analysis and the techniques behind deriving information from data.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 261 (13 reviews)

BIM is often misinterpreted as REVIT as it is introduced as BIM by vendors. The e-book gives a thorough view of BIM including technology, process and people aspects through a lifecycle perspective.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 90 (30 reviews)

Information management is vital for today’s businesses. It requires significant investment and supports critical business processes.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 235 (16 reviews)

This book introduces you to the theory of relational

databases, focusing on the application of that theory to the design of computer languages that properly embrace it.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 83 (16 reviews)

This is the exercise book, with solutions, to accompany An Introduction to Relational Database Theory by the same author.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 182 (16 reviews)

In this book, the benefits of ERP are explained, and guidance is given for ERP implementations.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 54 (30 reviews)

This textbook provides an overview of business information systems and provides definitions for the different systems used in companies.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 168 (15 reviews)

This textbook will provide a greater understanding of technology-based entrepreneurship in the emerging knowledge economy.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 41 (23 reviews)

This is the exercise book for Business Information Management.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 61 (27 reviews)

Drawing on an extensive analysis of literature this guide provides an introduction to Business Intelligence(BI) initiatives from the practitioner's perspective.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 148 (13 reviews)

This collection of work flows from author Udo Richard Averweg’s curiosity and long experience in the Information Systems (IS) field of decision-making support systems.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 107 (11 reviews)

This book is intended for undergraduate engineering students who are interested in exploring the technology of Semantic web.

Premium FreePDF English Pages 95

Security Systems Programming is one of the major concerns in today’s tech world. Read this eBook to learn to develop security systems and surveillance monitoring.

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