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HR Training Videos

This brand new sexual harassment prevention training program is available in three versions: Manager, Employee and California. These programs help managers and employees recognize what kind of behavior is not appropriate in the workplace and how each individual can contribute to an atmosphere that is better for everyone. Learn more This set of engaging training courses helps both general employees and supervisors make sense of HIPAA's strict (but pretty straightforward) laws and regulations, as well as a detailed look at how to respond to a breach of confidential data and the best ways to protect your organization, and most importantly, your patients.

Presentations — Farm Management

Some of the PowerPoint presentations made at area meetings, workshops and conferences are converted to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files to eliminate the need for PowerPoint software and to reduce file size. If you do not have Adobe Reader, use the Get Adobe Reader icon to download the free software or go to www. microsoft. com to download PowerPointViewer. Presentations are listed newest to oldest. Miscellaneous 2014 Farm Bill Update (Dwight Aakre, International Crop Expo, February 19,2015) PDF The 2014 Farm Bill: What Does It Mean To Your Future Farm Payments (Dwight Aakre, Devils Lake Round-Up, January 2015) PDF The 2014 Farm Bill: What Does It Mean To Your Future Farm Payments (Dwight Aakre, Farm Bill Producer Meetings, October 2014) PDF The 2014 Farm Bill: What Does It Mean To Your Future Farm Payments (Dwight Aakre, October 2014) PDF Farm Bill 2014 (Dwight Aakre, Feb.


Service industries include a wide range of activities, from finance and accountancy to IT services, consulting and tourism. They seek to improve competitiveness by optimizing their management systems, and attract talented employees by demonstrating excellence in HR and environmental management.  As occupiers of office buildings, often in several countries and jurisdictions, service companies must also comply with numerous regulations relating to buildings, equipment and installations. Optimize your management systems and ensure business continuityAccredited by over 55 leading standards bodies, including ISO and OHSAS, Bureau Veritas is a leader in certification.

All About Financial Management in Business

© Copyright Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD Applies to for-profits unless otherwise noted. New business leaders and managers have to develop at least basic skills in financial management. Expecting others in the organization to manage finances is clearly asking for trouble. Basic skills in financial management start in the critical areas of cash management and bookkeeping, which should be done according to certain financial controls to ensure integrity in the bookkeeping process. New leaders and managers should soon go on to learn how to generate financial statements (from bookkeeping journals) and analyze those statements to really understand the financial condition of the business.

Business Process Management

Download creative business process management PowerPoint templates and slide designs including business layouts and presentation templates that you can use to make presentations for top executives and CEOs. When you’re discussing about a process, whether simple or complex, it is important to be as succinct or clear as you can in your presentation. You can do this with the help of adequate yet concise descriptions as well as helpful images to give your audience an idea of each of the steps of the … For businesses, there are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software available online.

10 Pro Online Reputation Management Tips For Local Businesses

Online marketing experts have spent a lot of time providing advice on managing online ratings and reviews for local businesses — but reputation can have much broader impact than your reviews in Yelp and Google. There’s hardly a business out there that doesn’t have an occasional issue arise with a customer. Ideally, you can resolve things before it reaches a point where a customer believes they can only get satisfaction through a public forum or feels they ought to warn people about your business. The internet has made it so the barriers between one customer and another are far reduced — word-of-mouth can now travel almost literally at the speed of light! Having the best local rankings in your area may not help your business if your reputation has been trashed.

HND Business and Management (CMI accredited)

Our full-time HND Business and Management is up to date and vocationally relevant – reflecting the complex and challenging nature of the contemporary business environment. Fast track your career The HND gives you the chance to achieve a nationally recognised business and management qualification in two years. It has a strong vocational focus and assessment based entirely on coursework. You don’t need business experience to enrol on this course. It is aimed at school and college leavers who are just embarking on their career as well as mature students who want to return to study on a full-time basis.

Overview (Home Page) | Business Continuity & Corporate Security Show & Conference

Overview (Home Page) 9th Annual Event - The largest Business Continuity Planning event in the Northeast. Regrettably, the 2010 9th Annual Business Continuity Show originally scheduled for March 15 has been postponed. While a recovery is expected in the business continuity and disaster recovery marketplace, that recovery has not take place yet. Flagg Management Inc together with our sponsors have full intention of producing this show and conference in the future in New York at a time to be rescheduled. We appreciate your interest and support and we will keep you informed when the event will take place.

BCIT : : Business Operations Management: Full-time, Diploma

All businesses need to design, buy, organize, make, and deliver products and services. Above all, they need to continuously improve. Our graduates design, control, and improve the systems that make this happen. In the BCIT Business Operations Management diploma program, you’ll explore how organizations create, control, and optimize the business systems that provide goods and services. You’ll learn how to assess and improve productivity throughout an organization, making you a highly sought after asset to any company. With project management, process improvement, and supporting information technology, you will acquire a highly transportable set of skills applicable to a variety of service and manufacturing industries in both business improvement and supply chain roles.

Management books

Our free management books will guide you through the wealth of theory and practicalities of effective management! Whether you are looking for strategic planning or project management books, this is the place to look. For your convenience, we have put all the books in this category into a zip file which you can download in one goDownload! Showing 53 results Premium FreePDF English Pages 117 (166 reviews) This textbook introduces the reader to the different approaches and schools within strategic thinking as well as the tools used to investigate the strategic environment surrounding a business.

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