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Business management

BA (Hons) Business Management

Upon graduation students can progress to employment in a professional area. This degree also helps those individuals already working in the business sector to gain promotion and become more confident with the decisions they make in the work place. Many also enter programmes of further study for advanced professional qualifications or postgraduate courses such as the Masters in Business Administration (MBA).    We re always delighted to speak to prospective students and encourage you to come along to one of our Open Days to speak with members of staff and to see our facilities.

Syllabus of University of Pune MBA - International Business Management

1. International Business Environment - Globalization - Forces, Meaning, dimensions and stages in Globalization - Kenchi Ohmae Model - Introduction to theories of International Trade by Adam Smith, Ricardo and Ohlin & Heckler - Trading Environment of International Trade - Tariff and Non-tariff Barriers - Trade Blocks - Rise of new economies like Japan, South East Asia and China 2. Country Risk Analysis - Political, Social and Economic - Cultural and Ethical practices - Responsibilities of International Business - Economic crisis of Brazil, Mexico, India, South East Asia and Argentina 3.

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