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How to Write a Business Action Plan

by Louise Balle

1. Title your plan "Business Action Plan for ABC Company" and list the date of plan initiation at the top. Enter a summary of your company's main purpose or just the company motto to help keep you focused on your ultimate objective. Be as specific as possible. For instance, "ABC Company is committed to providing the ABC community with the best quality widgets at the lowest price in town."

2. Define each of your main business goals in a list format. Your goals should relate to anything that will help promote and grow your business, such as establishing a marketing plan or recruiting new employees to your business. Prioritize your goals in order of importance or urgency.

3. Go back under each goal in the list and enter each specific action required

to accomplish that goal. List even the minute details—for instance, if one of your goals is to create a full-service business website, choosing a domain name is one simple action step.

4. Place a start date and end date (deadline for completion) next to each action step on your plan. Make sure that your timeline is realistic and achievable.

5. List the expenditure required for each action point on your plan. Total up the budget at the end of each goal section and provide the total budget for your business action plan at the very end. This will allow you to keep an eye on your budget as you complete each project.

  • Focus on short term goals that you want to achieve this year and rewrite the business action plan next year.
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