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The Art and Science of Financial Projections

Creating financial projections for your startup is both an art and a science. Although investors want to see cold, hard numbers, it is tough to predict your financial performance three years down the road, especially if you are still raising seed money. Regardless, a short- and medium-term financial projection is a required part of your business plan if you want serious investors’ attention. Here are some tips for crafting solid financial projections. Get Comfortable with SpreadsheetsSpreadsheet software is the starting point for all financial projections.

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PDF and Word

Credit: Rawpixel/Shutterstock Business plans can seem daunting to someone who has never written one. The business idea itself might be fairly simple to explain, but if you want to apply for a loan, raise investor capital, or simply have a solid, documented direction for your company, you're going to need to write a business plan. Luckily for entrepreneurs, there are templates out there that allow you to plug in all of the information, instead of struggling with formatting and figuring out what you need to include. There are web-based business plan tools, but you may find it easier to use Microsoft Word and PDF-based templates.

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The Steps in a Business Research Process

by Rick Suttle The first step is identifying key competitors in the industry. One way to garner information on the competition is through secondary research. Secondary research information is data that are already available about the industry: market share and total market sales. Secondary research may also provide detailed information about competitors, such as number of employees, products they sell and their key strengths. Secondary research can be obtained through various sources, depending on the industry. For example, the NPD Group uses their CREST analysis for restaurants.

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Annual Business Goals Template

MS Word Adobe PDF Goal: Business Department/Area - Goal Name Your annual business goals define the general direction you want to take your business over the next twelve months. Your yearly goals should be general and broad; furthermore, they should support your mission statement and guiding principles. It helps if you categorize your business goals and include that as a prefix to the goals name. For example, the first annual goal listed below is "Branding - Develop Awareness of the Brand". This not only helps you to define your goal by starting with a broad idea such as Branding and then further defining it but also to assign it to the appropriate resources within the company.

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What Are the Components of a Good Business Plan?

by Louise Balle When you're preparing your business plan, every part matters—from the executive summary to the closing sentence. But a few key components make the difference between an OK plan and one that will get the serious attention of potential lenders and investors. Keep these key components in mind as you outline and write your proposal. Research is an important overall component of a proper business plan. When another party sees factual information to back up your claims regarding the business idea, it lends more credibility to your proposal.

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Sports Therapy Business Plan

Cyclist Repair Center (CRC) is a cycling specific sports clinic serving the Boulder, Colorado community. Cyclist Repair Center has been founded by Arthur Mendosa-Cadiz. Arthur created the center as a Colorado registered corporation in January 2004. Cyclist Repair Center is expected to quickly gain market penetration through a focused strategy, doing what they do best, serving cyclists. The MarketCyclist Repair Center has identified two distinct customer segments which they will target. The first segment is the competitive cyclist. Within this segment there are two subgroups, those that are professionals and those that are experts.

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Portfolio Management and Business Planning: Two names for the same process?

Whilst working with a client I got into an interesting discussion about the similarities and differences between portfolio management and business planning. The two processes seem to have much in common. With the Association for Project Management (APM) extending the Body of Knowledge to include more on the portfolio management processes I though it might be interesting to compare and contrast to two. Are these the some process just seen from different perspectives, the view from the business and the view from the project and portfolio world?It’s probably best to start with some definitionsWhat is Portfolio Management?The 5th edition of the APM Body of Knowledge defines a portfolio management asProtfolio management is the selection and management of all of an organisations projects, programmes and related business as usual activities taking into account resource constraints.

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Edward Jones Business Plan: "making cents of investing"

Edward Jones Business Plan: "making cents of investing"The Vision1. Describe your vision for building your practice at Edward Jones. How do you plan to add value to the clients and communities you will serve? Target MarketAdding ValueMy vision at Edward Jones is to offer high quality in financial advising for business development, market development and channel development. Clients must know that working with Edward Jones is more professional, less risky way to develop financial balance that charges a high value for its services and delivering an even higher value to its clientsThe Effects1.

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Business Plans, Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking

Growthink Helps Executives and Entrepreneurs SucceedGrowthink Helps Entrepreneurs Win Growthink Drives Change and Innovation Growthink Helps Companies Raise Capital Growthink Empowers Better Business Decisions Growthink Research Validates Opportunities Growthink Helps Executives and Entrepreneurs Succeed Growthink Consulting Group develops strategies, plans, and innovations to help organizations grow and succeed. Growthink builds Business Intelligence Dashboards to help companies multiply their sales and profits. Growthink's wholly owned broker-dealer raises capital and executes M&A transactions for companies of all types and sizes.

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SBA Offices and Resource Partners

The SCORE Association, supported by SBA, is a nonprofit association of thousands of volunteer business counselors throughout the U. S. and its territories. SCORE members are trained to serve as counselors, advisors and mentors to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Here are some of the ways you can connect with SCORE and get free business advice: Email a mentor: Choose a mentor online and get answers to your business questions virtually Visit Your Local SCORE Office: Make an appointment with a mentor for in-person advice or attend a business workshop Online Workshops: Participate in free, online workshops or register for small business webinars E-Newsletters: Subscribe to SCORE’s e-Newsletters and get free business tips and read interviews with small business experts More about SCORE There are hundreds of SCORE business mentors in urban, suburban and rural communities SCORE was formed in 1964 and millions of Americans have used SCORE services SCORE can help if you are trying to start a business or if you need help with your existing business Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) provide assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the United States and its territories.

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