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Echo Business Solutions Complaint Review Charleston, South Carolina: 1099435

Firstly, employees are encouraged to lie to the police in order to prevent being escorted off private property. Echo provides the employees with an outdated list of names and addresses which everyone is aware is never right. Employees are supposed to use this information to tell security and police that they are "seeing clients" in order to gain access to gated and private communities where soliciting is not allowed. Echo cannot claim that its employees are independent contractors even though they do work on commission because theose employees are held responsible and can be suspended and face consequences for things they do at any time during the day before end of day meetings even if those employees are miles away from their assigned territory and not wearing and clothing associated or doing anything associated with the company. If Echo were to say that they do believe the information they give police to be true then there is an even bigger issue. Echo gives this list of names and addresses to employees before they pass a background check. In one instance there was an employee who was fired after his background check showed that he had been found guilty of criminal possession of a gun as well as other drug charges resulting in prison time. This man had been going door to door, entering people's homes as a representative of Echo, for weeks.

Furthermore, this company is misleading in the interview process to the point where I left my paying job at the promise of making $600 per week and becoming manager within a year. The salary never amounted to more than 200

a week at best. The company hides this by not paying out the first paycheck until after three weeks of working. The employee thinks that they are making way more than they are until that first paycheck. During these three weeks the company higher ups are indoctrinating you into thinking that this is a wonderfull opportunity and that you'd be crazy to leave. What is really crazy is working a 70 hour work week for less than $200. That is less than three dollars an hour. Working this many hours also makes it hard to look for another job, leaving the new hire stuck with no way out.

While I did not put any money into this job I did put a lot of time and hard work into door to door sales as well as paying for my own gas and transportation to areas which were sometimes an hour away. The way the company is structured is that the new hire works until he gets promoted to "corporate trainer" then he starts interviewing and hiring people himself. Then once he has hired five people who have hired three people each he becomes assistant manager. This all of coarse results in something resembling a pyramid..

Echo is a branch of Cydor which is known for being a multi level marketing scam, but the way that they use branches with different names which are just starting out to get new hires is sneaky. You can google Echo Business Solutions and it seems legitimate, it is not until you uncover that it is a branch of cydcor that some red flags pop up.

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