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University of Oregon

University of Oregon


Eugene, OR

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Mens agitat molem



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NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for Sam Adams Politician 3-Sep-1963   Mayor of Portland, 2009-12 Victor G. Atiyeh Politician 20-Feb-1923 20-Jul-2014 Governor of Oregon, 1979-87 Andrew S. Berwick, Jr. Business c. 1933   Berwick-Pacific Corporation Gene D. Block Educator c. 1948   Chancellor, UCLA Lee C. Bollinger Educator c. 1946   President of Columbia University Suzanne Bonamici Politician 14-Oct-1954   Congresswoman, Oregon 1st Bill Bowerman Fitness Guru 19-Feb-1911 24-Dec-1999 Track coach, Co-Founder of Nike Walter H. Brattain Physicist 10-Feb-1902 13-Oct-1987 Co-Inventor of the transistor Norm Van Brocklin Football 15-Mar-1926 2-May-1983 NFL QB passed for 554 yards in a game Edgar Buchanan Actor 20-Mar-1903 4-Apr-1979 Uncle Joe Carson on Petticoat Junction Stephen J. Cannell Film/TV Producer 2-May-1941 30-Sep-2010 Creator of The Rockford Files Gary L. Countryman Business c. 1939   CEO of Liberty Mutual, 1986-98 Ann Curry Journalist 19-Nov-1956   Dateline NBC Co-Host Peter DeFazio Politician 27-May-1947   Congressman, Oregon 4th William M. Drozdiak Journalist c. 1949   American Council on Germany Alan L. Earhart Business c. 1944   Former Partner, PWC Sam Elliott Actor 9-Aug-1944   Rush, The Hulk Mark Few Basketball 27-Dec-1962   Head Coach, Gonzaga University Dan Fouts Football 10-Jun-1951   San Diego Chargers QB Neil Goldschmidt Government 16-Jun-1940   Governor of Oregon, 1987-91 Alfred T. Goodwin Judge 29-Jun-1923   9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1971-91 Joey Harrington Football 21-Oct-1978   Atlanta Falcons QB Howard Hesseman Actor 27-Feb-1940   Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati Donald Hodel Government 23-May-1935   Reagan's Secretary of Energy & Interior Douglas Hofstadter Author 15-Feb-1945   Godel, Escher, Bach Glen A. Holden Business 2-Jul-1927   US Ambassador to Jamaica, 1989-93 Robert D. Holmes Politician 11-May-1909 6-Jun-1976 Governor of Oregon, 1957-59 James Ivory Film/TV Producer 7-Jun-1928   The Remains of the Day Clifton James Actor 29-May-1921   Sheriff J. W. Pepper Renée J. James Business c. 1964   President of Intel, 2013-15 David E. Jeremiah Military 25-Feb-1934 7-Oct-2013 Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs, 1990-94 Robert Erwin Johnson Historian 3-Feb-1923 28-Jan-2008 Guardians of the Sea June Jones Football 19-Feb-1953   Hawaii Warriors Head Coach Leonard B. Jordan Politician 15-May-1899 30-Jun-1983 Governor and Senator from Idaho Christopher Judge Actor 13-Oct-1964   Teal'c on Stargate SG-1 Richard J. Kerr Government 4-Oct-1935   CIA Deputy Director, 1989-92 Ken Kesey Novelist 17-Sep-1935 10-Nov-2001 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest John Kitzhaber Politician 5-Mar-1947   Governor of Oregon, 1995-2003 and 2010-15 Phil Knight Business 24-Feb-1938   Co-Founder of Nike Laurence Leamer Author 30-Oct-1941   The Kennedy Men Charles M. Lillis Business c. 1945   President of MediaOne, 1995-2000 Fredrik Logevall Historian 1963   Embers of War Barry Lopez Author 6-Jan-1945   Of Wolves and Men Monica C. Lozano Publisher 21-Jul-1956   Publisher of La Opini�n John Markoff Journalist 24-Oct-1949   New York Times computer guy Ben Masters Actor 6-May-1947   Julian Crane on Passions Tom McCall Politician 22-Mar-1913 8-Jan-1983 Governor of Oregon, 1967-75 Connie McCready Politician 21-Aug-1921 22-Dec-2000 Mayor of Portland Oregon, 1979-81 John McKay Football 5-Jul-1923 10-Jun-2001 USC Trojans Head Coach, 1960-75 Julius L. Meier Politician 31-Dec-1874 14-Jul-1937 Governor of Oregon, 1931-35 John H. F. Miner Business c. 1956

  President of Intel Capital, 2003-05 William P. Murphy Scientist 6-Feb-1892 9-Oct-1987 Liver therapy for pernicious anemia Maurine Brown Neuberger Politician 9-Jan-1907 22-Feb-2000 US Senator from Oregon, 1960-67 Richard L. Neuberger Politician 26-Dec-1912 9-Mar-1960 US Senator from Oregon, 1955-60 Howard C. Nielson Politician 12-Sep-1924   Congressman from Utah, 1983-91 Mike Nolan Football 7-Mar-1959   Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers A. Walter Norblad Politician 12-Sep-1908 20-Sep-1964 Congressman from Oregon, 1946-64 Ron Packard Politician 19-Jan-1931   Congressman from California, 1983-2001 Chuck Palahniuk Author 21-Feb-1962   Fight Club Paul L. Patterson Politician 18-Jul-1900 31-Jan-1956 Governor of Oregon, 1952-56 Steve Prefontaine Track and Field 25-Jan-1951 30-May-1975 Long distance runner Kathryn L. H. Proffitt Diplomat 1951   US Ambassador to Malta, 1998-2001 Carol Queen Author c. 1957   Prolific sexologist Gregory L. Quesnel Business c. 1949   CEO of CNF, 1998-2004 Ahmad Rashad Sports Journalist 19-Nov-1949   Wide Receiver turned sportscaster Steven A. Raymund Business 16-Nov-1955   CEO of Tech Data, 1986-2006 James Read Actor 31-Jul-1953   North & South Mel Renfro Football 30-Dec-1941   Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Famer Michael Retzer Business c. 1946   US Ambassador to Tanzania, 2005-07 Nicholas V. Riasanovsky Historian 21-Dec-1923 14-May-2011 A History of Russia John Robinson Football 25-Jul-1935   LA Rams, NCAA head coach William V. Roth, Jr. Politician 22-Jul-1921 13-Dec-2003 US Senator from Delaware, 1971-2001 Joe Sacco Cartoonist 2-Oct-1960   Palestine Gordon Scott Actor 3-Aug-1926 30-Apr-2007 Played Tarzan, 1955-60 Randy Shilts Journalist 8-Aug-1951 17-Feb-1994 Chronicler of AIDS, biographer of Harvey Milk Paul Simon Politician 29-Nov-1928 9-Dec-2003 US Senator, one-time Presidential candidate Bruce Snyder Football 14-Mar-1940 13-Apr-2009 Sun Devils Head Coach, 1992-2000 Vic Snyder Politician 27-Sep-1947   Congressman from Arkansas, 1997-2011 Sarah Susanka Architect c. 1957   The Not So Big House Norv Turner Football 17-May-1952   Former Coach, San Diego Chargers Greg Walden Politician 10-Jan-1957   Congressman, Oregon 2nd Martha Lee Walters Judge 1950   Justice, Oregon Supreme Court James H. Weaver Politician 8-Aug-1927   Congressman from Oregon, 1975-87 Kent M. Wiedemann Diplomat 1946   US Ambassador to Cambodia, 1999-2002 Daniel E. Winfree Judge c. 1953   Justice, Alaska Supreme Court Wendell Wyatt Politician 15-Jun-1917 28-Jan-2009 Congressman from Oregon, 1964-75 Ron Wyden Politician 3-May-1949   US Senator from Oregon Gary Zimmerman Football 13-Dec-1961   NFL Hall of Famer



NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for Robert M. Berdahl Educator 15-Mar-1937   Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1997-2004 Myles Brand Educator 17-May-1942 16-Sep-2009 President of the NCAA, 2003-09 Arthur S. Flemming Government 12-Jun-1905 7-Sep-1996 HEW Secretary, 1958-61 David B. Frohnmayer Politician 9-Jul-1940 9-Mar-2015 President, University of Oregon, 1994-2009 Tom Jennings Computer Programmer 1955   Author of FidoNet BBS protocols


NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for Bill Bowerman Fitness Guru 19-Feb-1911 24-Dec-1999 Track coach, Co-Founder of Nike Rich Brooks Football 20-Aug-1941   Kentucky Wildcats Head Coach John McKay Football 5-Jul-1923 10-Jun-2001 USC Trojans Head Coach, 1960-75 Jim O'Brien Basketball 11-Feb-1952   Head Coach of Indiana Pacers, 2007-11 Chris Petersen Football 13-Oct-1964   Head Coach, Boise State John Robinson Football 25-Jul-1935   LA Rams, NCAA head coach Jeff Tedford Football 2-Nov-1961   Head Coach, California Golden Bears

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