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Stock Ticker

Visit Google Finance and look for preferred symbols that you need/wish to display on your site. For start you can try with AAPL,MSFT,IBM,CSCO,GOOG,YHOO,AMZN (Apple Inc; Microsoft Corporation; International Business Machines Corporation; Cisco Systems, Inc.; Google Inc; Yahoo! Inc;, Inc.)

How to get Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Since version 1.4.0 we use Google Finance, which support ^DJI exchange. To get quote for this exchange, simply add symbol .DJI or ^DJI.

How to get currency exchange rate?

Use Currency symbols like EURGBP=X to get rate of 1 Euro = ? British Pounds

How to get Crude Oil, Gold and other commodities?

Unfortunately, Google Finance does not provide data for commodities (metals, energies, grains, meats, softs). That is why Stock Ticker can't provide quotes for them.

How to get descriptive title for currency exchange rates?

Add to Custom Names legend currency exchange symbol w/o =X part, like:

EURGBP;Euro (€) ⇨ British Pound Sterling (£)

How to get sotck quotes from XZY Stock Exchange?

First check does Google Finance provides quotes from stock exchange you referring to. If it's supported, then look to next question to learn how to get stocks from there. If Google Finance does not support your stock exchange, we are sorry but we can't help you at the moment.

How to get proper stock price from proper stock exchange?

Enter symbol in format EXCHANGE:SYMBOL like LON:FFX

How to add Stock Ticker to header theme file?


this to your template file (you also can add custom parameters for shortcode):

Stock Ticker does not work with ION .com Insider plugin

Trend Analysis WordPress Plugin Insider mess with content and change shortcode parameters before WordPress process shortcodes.

To avoid this, use Stock Ticker or newer, and use in shortcodes single instead double quotes for parameters. Example:

[stock_ticker symbols='BABA,^DJI,EURGBP=X,LON:FFX']

How to customize quote output?

On Settings page for plugin you can set custom Value template. You can use macro keywords %exch_symbol%, %symbol%, %company%, %price%, %change% and %changep% mixed with HTML tags , and/or .

Default template is %company% %price% %change% %changep% but you can format it like:

 %company% %price%%change% %changep%

I set to show `%company%` but symbol is displayed instead

Please note that Google Finance does not provide company name in retrieved feeds. You'll need to set company name inCustom Namesfield on plugin settings page.

How to resolve error `Unfortunately, we could not get stock quotes this time`?

This can be temporary problem. First try to access front-end page with appended parameter ?stockticker_purge_cache=1.

If that does not help, next try to increaseFetch Timeoutoption on general plugin settings and then visit frontend page with appended address parameter ?stockticker_purge_cache=1.

If you still experiencing issue, please contact us through support forum and don't forget to provide URL to your website where you have inserted Stock Ticker.

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