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Are there any community colleges with full financial aid in the US?

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If you have the time to wait for politics to unfold you may have some great options. "President Obama rolled out a plan to pay for two years of tuition at community college, which could affect some 9 million students if all states participate (and if Congress funds the program). Higher education experts are hailing the plan as a potentially high-impact way to help more people enter the middle class."Six things to know about Obama’s plan for free community college

For this plan to happen will take a lot of political will and I am unsure that the States want to take on the economic burden (The Federal government will not cover all the costs). Currently, the one State that will pay for any resident of the State to attend community college for free is Tennessee:

Governor Bill Haslam announced in February 2014 the nation’s first-ever effort to provide free community college to all state residents, regardless of merit or need Tennessee Promise: Offering free community college to all residents

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Parke Muthcovered basically everything. I'd also like to

add that if you're American, you are pretty likely to qualify for quite a few different scholarships and federal funding. If you're international, then no.

Another thing to check is whether in-state vs. out-of-state fees differ in community college systems, or whether they all have semi-fixed rates for all US students. I'm not too sure of what the answer would be and I'd hazard a guess that it would be much more convenient for you to attend CC in your home state anyway, but still, something to look into.

Views ·View Upvotes·Answer requested by Mirhadi SeyidliBack around 2000, Santa Rosa Junior College located in Santa Rosa, California gave scholarships to students as long as you maintained at least a 3.0. Many students only had to pay for books and housing. I do not know about now though. The scholarships at that time were financed by Exchange Bank, a local bank. At that time, I was told that 3 million was set aside for scholarships. It is the only community college that I know of that gave scholarships to students. Colorado Northwestern Community College in Colorado offers full tuition coverage to residents of the community.

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