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Financial Aid Information

We communicate with you electronically about your financial aid package — so please be sure to check Titan Web Services and your student email account frequently.

Financial aid is money provided to students to help meet college costs. When you apply for aid from EFSC’s Office of Financial Aid, you do not apply for a particular type or amount of aid. Applicants who complete a financial aid file, which starts with you filling out the onlineFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) , are considered for all aid programs that are administered by Eastern Florida State College, including grants, work study and loans. Use this section's links to explore aid programs plus see the steps to apply for aid and loans. You can also view our EFSC Titan Financial Aid brochure. Students must meet all published deadlines to ensure a determination of eligibility prior to EFSC's Fee Due Dates.

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To qualify for financial aid, you must be a degree-seeking student and prove that you need aid. Need is the difference between the amount you and your family can contribute and the cost to attend the college of your choice. The primary responsibility for your

educational expenses belongs to you and your family.

Grants are awards based on financial need and do not have to be repaid. Scholarships are non-repayable awards based on merit or special talent alone or on merit and financial need. Student loans are available to students or their parents at low interest rates with repayment usually deferred until after graduation. Student employment allows students to earn money while attending school by working part-time on campus.

Who Should Apply?

The only way to tell if you are eligible to receive aid is to apply for it — so every degree-seeking Eastern Florida student should apply. Students must have obtained a standard high school diploma or a state recognized equivalent home school program or GED before financial aid can be awarded.

U.S. Citizens and nationals/permanent resident aliens who need financial assistance to attend college should apply for financial aid.

Many factors are considered when awarding aid. You do not have to be poor to qualify, but you do have to prove you need aid. You must apply for financial aid each academic year because your financial needs may change and must be re-evaluated.

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