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HLB Global Russian Desk: Global Support Service for Russian Companies Abroad

HLB Global Russian Desk is a global service of audit and consulting support for Russian companies abroad and foreign companies operating in Russia. The Service was launched by HLB Russian Group using best practices of international business.

Global Russian Desk unites dozens of professional auditors and advisors speaking Russian and representing the offices of HLB International in different countries worldwide. USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kirghizia — in each of these countries Russian-speaking consultants, through HLB Global Russian Desk, provide professional support to Russian business.

The purpose of HLB Global Russian Desk is to unite Russian-speaking experts of the HLB International member companies in all countries of presence of the network into a professional community providing support for Russian companies operating in foreign markets, creating the most comfortable conditions for opening offices abroad and raising foreign investments.

HLB Global Russian Desk provides international companies with comprehensive consulting support, including:

  • audit of financial statements according to the local and international standards
  • financial consulting
  • tax and legal consulting
  • transaction support services
  • business consulting
  • IT consulting and system integration

Global Russian Desk offers support not only to Russian companies abroad, but also to foreign companies operating in Russia or planning to come to the Russian market. Organization of business and tax accounting, representation in court, support in preparation of sale and purchase contracts, development of a standard for business agreements, valuation, M&A support, consulting on anti-monopoly laws — these and other tasks, vital for the opening of

a representative office, will be handled quickly and without undue effort with the help of HLB Global Russian Desk.

Interactions inside Global Russian Desk, alongside with contract administration and quality control of provided services will be realized through the management company of HLB Russian Group — HLB Rus. CEO of HLB Rus is Victoria Salamatina, partner of Energy Consulting, HLB Russian Group.

HLB Russian Group

HLB Russian Group was established in 2013 for the purpose of bringing together the best practices of providing auditing and consulting services in Russia among the member companies of HLB International, the fifth largest Russian audit network. The members of HLB Russian Group jointly participate in the management of HLB International in Russia and abroad, share positive experience and collaborate together in common marketing activities.

In March 2015, HLB Russian Group announced the set-up of HLB Rus to develop its presence in the Russian market. The members of HLB Russian Group have shared control of the company based on equal participation in the company's authorized capital and management.

HLB Russian Group unites Energy Consulting, Prime Advice, HLB Vneshaudit, HLB Univers-Audit and HLB PACC-Audit as independent member firms of HLB International in Russia.

HLB International

Formed in 1969, HLB International is a leading worldwide network of professional accounting firms and business advisers with global presence. The network member companies are present in more than 130 countries, together they have 19,000 employees in 600 offices worldwide. According to International Accounting Bulletin, HLB International ranks number 5 among the largest audit networks in Russia since October 2013.

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