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Sports Business Ideas You Can Start from Home

If you like sports, why not start a sports-related business?

Whether you like to teach sports, entertain people with sporting events or activities, make, sell or repair sports gear – you can find people who are willing to pay your service.

Teaching Sports

Fitness Class Outdoors
Pilates Class in Park

Let’s say you want to teach some sort of sport like golf, yoga, running, tennis or even become a personal trainer or fitness coach.

You have the option to work one-on-one with clients or you can work in groups. You can teach ongoing classes or shorter 1-day workshops.

Many times, you can conduct your sports and fitness classes outdoors at a public park, driving range, beach or school. You don’t necessarily have to have a gym membership or run your own studio to start a business. This takes a lot of the cost out of opening a business – without hindering your potential.

With some sports, you can write how-to books or teach students virtually online through a video course. By taking this route, you can create one product one time and sell it to thousands of people rather than getting paid per hour.

Although this may seem easier and less time-consuming, many people have figured this out already. There is more competition online vs your local community, so therefore you need to be ready to invest time and money in marketing your courses and products.

One way to make your product or service stand out from the competition (so you don’t have to put so much effort into marketing) is to differentiate yourself by narrowing down your niche market. For example, instead of writing a book on “How to Play Golf”, make it more specific like “10 Strategies to Putting like a Pro”. This way, you’re not competing against all the golf lesson books but rather the putting guides, of which there are probably not that many.

Selling Sports Products

You don’t have to develop a new running shoe, line of snowboards or electronic gadget to run a profitable business selling sports gear. In fact, there are many ways

you can to do this.

First of all, you can start an online store where you re-sell products made by other companies and you split the profit.

There are also people who search for used sports equipment at low prices and then turn around and sell items for a profit on eBay. And to that that a step further, entrepreneurs who like fixing stuff can open an online (or local) repair shop.

Organizing Sports Events

Although they can take a lot of work, there is good money to be made in planning sports events – even in a small area like your local community. Activities like adventure races, cycling competitions and running races can all draw a large crowd with more money ready to be spent on food, t-shirts and sports gear. This can be a fun business for someone who is a leader, well-organized and good at managing groups.

Some Ideas…

Become a Golf Instructor
Get rewarded for helping others play the game. This can be a convenient part-time or lucrative full-time business where you can work with either individuals or groups.

Become a Personal Trainer
A personal trainer is as much a motivational coach as an instructor. This can be a very rewarding field as you help people achieve their goals, which an be fitness, weight loss, strength or skill.

Become a Yoga Instructor
Teaching yoga is extremely gratifying work. You can help people build strength, gain flexibility, stay healthy and experience an inner peace. At the same time, you get paid doing work you enjoy while in a low-stress environment where your own body and mind benefit as well.

Become a Dance Instructor
You can open a dance studio, but you can also rent space to teach dance classes. You can offer multiple styles of dance or specialize in one style. Train professional dancers or provide fun dance classes for the recreational dancer.

Driving Range Business
With a cheap piece of land, you can run a low-maintenance, residual income business. can be seasonal, depending on where the driving range is located. Convenient location and multiple services on site can help drive customers to your business.

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