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Name: Khathutshelo (Khathu) Ramoliko

What degrees did you complete and at which university?

MBA, PDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and BSc Economic Science all from Wits University

When did you join FNB?

January 2009

What is your role at FNB?

Executive Assistant at FirstRand Group Executive Office

Please describe your career at FNB

I am a committed and highly focused leader and strategist with experience, skills and specialty in financial services, analytics, strategy development and implementation, product design, product management, rewards and non-interest pricing.

I hold an MBA, PDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and BSc Economic Science all from Wits University. I have held various roles in product and pricing with my latest role being one of Executive Assistant to the FirstRand Group Executives (CEO, Deputy CEO and CFO). As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and departments as well as navigate complex challenges.

My current role as Executive Assistant involves providing strategic support to the office of the Group Executives which includes producing strategy documents, board reports, presentation materials and briefing documents on behalf of the group executives; assisting Investor Relations with results activity, including presentations, financial reporting and investor meetings; and analysing business and investment reports and providing feedback.

This role offers me high-level exposure to the strategies and operations of the entire FirstRand group, strategic decision making, business, finance and stakeholder management.

As a Pricing Manager and Head of Pricing I have worked on a number of revenue enhancement initiatives in South Africa and in its mature subsidiaries in the rest of Africa. I have also setup new pricing for FNB's subsidiaries in the rest of Africa like Ghana and Tanzania.

As Product Manager I managed various cheque/current account products in the FNB world embarking in a number of product redesign and process efficiency projects. A notable project I worked on is the re-branding project that FNB embarked on to re-launch

FNB Private Clients and launch the new FNB Private Wealth segment.

My passion is helping to grow and empower young South Africans to make a success of themselves and make a difference in their communities in any way they can.

How would you describe FNB's culture?

The FNB culture is one where everyone feels accountable and empowered; this is driven by the owner-manager culture of the group, the relatively flat structures and our leaders not taking themselves too seriously as everyone is able to contribute to the success of the company through influence as opposed to positional power. People are motivated by making a positive difference in our customer's lives and this comes through in how we work together to innovate in whatever we do.

What does it take to succeed at FNB?

Taking initiative and going the extra mile are for me key in succeeding at FNB. However Sifiso Mthembu (Previous HR Executive at FNB and now FirstRand Human Capital Executive) shared the below characteristics of a successful FirstRander (including FNB of course) at a recent conference I attended and these resonated with me and so I would like to share them here:

  • 1. Above average mental aptitude
  • 2. Humility (not taking oneself too seriously)
  • 3. Ability to traverse big picture and detail with ease
  • 4. Quick-off-the-mark implementer (bias for action)
  • 5. Consultative yet decisive disposition
  • 6. Solid delivery track record
  • 7. Ability to influence and build relationships
  • 8. Accessibility and less reliance on positional authority
  • 9. Knowledge of and ability to access critical career developmental milestones
  • 10. Understanding of the paramountcy of sponsorships for career success

The only addition to this exhaustive list from Sifiso that I could add which was mentioned by one of the founders of FirstRand and current chairman, Laurie Dipenaar, is that FNB'ers Care, a lot... we care for the quality of our work, for our customers and for those we work with.

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