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ARPANSA - Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

Sydney Realtime UV Index

This page presents instantaneous recorded UV levels for Sydney, New South Wales, adjusted for daylight saving if applicable. The UV data is collected continuously by a detector that responds to UV in a manner similar to human skin.

There is a self-refreshing version of this page that displays the graph only and is updated with the latest measured UV level every minute between 6AM and 8PM.

The orange line on the graph is a model which represents the forecast UV levels for a clear sky day and can be used as a guide to interpreting the graph. Ozone in the atmosphere varies on a daily basis and has an effect on UV levels which may occasionally exceed the model due to variations in ozone and local atmospheric conditions.

The graph displays the following information in realtime: Date/Time; Current UV Level; Maximum UV Level and Forecast UV Level.

Graph showing UV levels for Sydney
UV data is not currently available for this location

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Current UV level:{current} at {currtime}
Maximum UV level today:{maximum} at {maxtime}
Forecast UV level:{forecast} at {foretime}

View the Sydney UV Dose Report.

What the UV levels mean

The UV level can be related to ultraviolet radiation exposure as follows:

UV Level Exposure Risk Colour Code Sun Protection Measures
2 or lessLowgreenYou can safely stay outdoors with minimal protection.
3 to 5ModerateyellowWear sun protective clothing, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and seek shady areas.
6 to 7HighorangeAs above.
8 to 10Very HighredAs above.
11 or higherExtremepurpleAs above.

How to be sun aware

Protect yourself in five ways from skin cancer: wear a hat and sun protective clothing, seek shady areas, wear sunglasses and sunscreen

For further sun protection information refer tothe ARPANSA UV Data Resource Page

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