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Redemption Instructions

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Find the most convenient location of these participating fuel partners to redeem your coupon.  Find Location


To redeem your savings on Shell fuel, link your Shop Your Way account to the Fuel Rewards Network™ program and request your FREE Fuel Rewards Network Card. This card will be mailed to you and used to redeem rewards at any participating Shell station. Plus, the Fuel Rewards Network program offers you even more great ways to save on Shell fuel. Link Accounts Now  

Once you’ve received your Fuel Rewards Network Card in the mail, you’ll be able to redeem your rewards at participating Shell stations. Here’s how:

1. If paying at the dispenser, press “yes” when prompted for your Fuel Rewards Network Card.

2. Insert your Fuel Rewards Network Card.

3. Select your form of payment and fuel grade.

4. Watch the price drop – dispense up to a maximum of 20 gallons of fuel per purchase.

NOTE: If paying inside, see cashier BEFORE inserting your Fuel Rewards Network

Card. The cashier will enter your card number to apply your rewards to your fuel purchase and authorize the pump.


Inside the store (recommended):

Press the Loyalty ID key on the pin pad

or give the code to your Customer Service representative

At the pump:

1. Enter the code

2. Select YES to redeem and follow prompts for payment

3. Pump Gas

To find your nearest participating BP Station visit:

1. Enter your zip code, city or full address

2. Select STAR checkbox in the search criteria for Cents per Gallon discount locations

3. Click search

Questions about your BP Gas Code?

Please call Customer Support: 1-877-349-0420


1. Before pumping fuel, please head inside the store

2. Give your Speedy Rewards card & Kmart fuel discount coupon to the cashier

3. Discount will be taken at the register and the pump WILL NOT rollback

4. Choose your method of payment and hand to the cashier

5. Head outside to pump fuel

6. Website:

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