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Interest Rates

Back If you are an existing customer and you are looking for interest rates for savings accounts that are no longer available to new savers then you need to visit our Closed Accounts page From April 6th 2016 tax will cease to be charged on the first £1,000 of interest received by 20% taxpayers and the first £500 of interest received by 40% taxpayers. In 2016, tax on interest will stop being deducted, but during 2015-16 it will continue to be deducted at source. Interest is paid either annually to 31st December or monthly according to the type of account.

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Are Those Health Care Alliance Cards You Got in the Mail a Scam?

by mtodd The Rxrelief discount cards. The letter suggests giving extra cards to “anyone who could save money on prescription medications. ”Obamacare and its muddying of the medical-cost landscape offers newly fertile ground for advocates, entrepreneurs, and crooks. So against that backdrop of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, one of our staffers received an envelope — unsolicited — in the mail bearing resident code “HB-6357–14294” and containing “pharmacy discount cards” and a letter welcoming her as a new member of Healthcare Alliance.

Category: Savings

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