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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

Leverage lower monthly payments, longer repayment terms and direct financing of any applicable fees. SBA 7(a) Loan Program SBA Express Term Loan SBA 504 Loan Program Best match for borrowers who need funds to expand, purchase another business or manage cash flow Loan amounts: Up to $5 million Benefits: Often easier to qualify; longer maturity terms, lower down payment on fixed assets Standard terms: Working capital up to 7 years; equipment up to 10 years; real estate up to 25 years Structure: SBA guarantees up to 75% (guaranteed portion capped at $3.

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The Best Online Payroll Software of 2016

Everyone loves payday—except, that is, the payroll administrator. Payroll is the most complex element of any accounting system. It's also the scariest. Not only do you have to produce checks and direct deposits that are 100 percent accurate, but you have to make certain that the underlying calculations—taxes and benefits and other withholding—are also correct to the penny. And you must submit taxes and filings to the IRS and other taxing agencies on time or risk fines and other penalties. Cloud-based payroll applications can help ensure that all of these obligations are met with precision and timeliness.

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The 10 Biggest Challenges Facing Small Businesses

FacebookTwitterGooglePinterestLinkedinSubscribeThere are many problems that are encountered by business owners throughout the course of managing their business. All entrepreneurs must be prepared for solving problems that come their way. However, creating a startup is not an easy task. New entrepreneurs are usually not prepared for the problems coming their way. The first thing to do is to understand that problems are an everyday part of every business and then face each problem with determination and a proper solution. Here are some common faced problems in new businesses and their solutions.

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Small Business Forum

Note: All times are ET 2:30 p. m.   Guest Arrival and Registration 2:55 p. m. Opening Remarks Emily Akhtarzandi, Managing Director of Business Development, AtlanticLIVE 3:00 p. m.   Detroit: Where American Is a Lifestyle Brand Jacques Panis, President, Shinola WithMary Louise Kelly, Contributing Editor,The Atlantic 3:20 p. m.   Location, Location, Location Michael Lastoria, CEO and Co-Founder, &pizza Brandon Skall, CEO, DC Brau Pixie Windsor, Owner, Miss Pixie’s WithGillian B. White, Senior Assistant Editor,The Atlantic 3:45 p.

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The Best Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The CyberPower CP685AVR will cover the basics for most people during common, short blackouts. In our tests it provided enough power to keep the average cable or DSL modem and Wi-Fi router running for an hour, which means you can stay online to while away the time while the lights are off—or, in a real emergency, keep your digital phone service powered so you can reach the outside world. The size of an overgrown surge protector, the CP685AVR is small enough to hide in the same corner as your networking gear, and since it has surge protection built in, you’ll have one less thing to buy.

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Web Hosting from Yahoo's Aabaco Small Business

Unlimited Disk Space, Data Transfer, and Email Storage It's pretty straightforward: Customers who use Web Hosting can obtain unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email storage if they use their services consistently with the Terms of Service and these paragraphs. What is appropriate usage?Web Hosting is designed to serve the web hosting needs of small, independently owned and operated businesses in the United States. It is not appropriate to use our services to support large enterprises or internationally based businesses with a sustained demand that places undue burden on our systems or negatively impacts use by small, independently owned and operated businesses.

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Small Business Ideas with Small Capital of P20,000.00 and Below

Starting small is considered to be the most logical and a powerful step in starting up a business. This is recommended most especially for individuals who lacks enough capital and for those who were not born with entrepreneurial genes. Engaging in a small start-up venture is just fair enough for a newbie (like you) in the industry of your choice. This is like developing a particular skill, the more you practice, the better you become until you perfect it. You gain increased confidence through time and eventually become an expert with what you do.

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Looking for Work? The 20 Fastest Growing Industries

Credit: Garagestock/Shutterstock With job growth on the rise, those looking for work should have a lot of opportunities to choose from in the coming years, according to new data from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. , CareerBuilder's labor market analysis arm. The electronic shopping and translation and interpretation services industries are expected to lead the way in adding jobs over the next five years. Electronic shopping jobs are expected to increase by 32 percent, with the number of translation jobs predicted to grow by 28 percent.

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17 Marketing Blogs Every Business Owner Should Read

Ecommerce technology has become ubiquitous. These days, there are multiple ecommerce backend solutions that take the hassle of technology off of business owners, allowing them to instead focus on business growth and marketing. Of course, this presents its own unique set of challenges. There are thousands of brands out there focusing their efforts on marketing, working to pull in a high number of top of funnel potential customers and turn them into conversions and sales. Some of those brands have massive budgets, which allow them to often own the marketing permeation of individual industries.

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The Top 5 Free, Open Source ERP Software

[Updated November 2016. Based on feedback and new entrants in the space, we’ve added some listings to our original article. ] Solving complicated problems for your business doesn’t mean you have to splash out for a million dollar enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Oracle and SAP may dominate the field, but there are plenty of free, open source ERP options that can help get your business in shape. Before we dive in, a warning to the wise — putting an ERP in place is a headache. Most implementations go over budget, take too long, don’t deliver on the plan, and just generally make businesses miserable.

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