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Don Hershberger, Mary Anne Hershberger, Candace Hackborn, Brennan Clark

Partnership is an important element of the service we provide to our clients. Our partners include the other members of the Paramount Wealth Management team as well as professionals in our community and across the country. Our goal is to provide sound advice and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Don Hershberger, Jr. ,CFP®, AIF®, CRC® Don Hershberger has been helping successful individuals and families find answers to their financial challenges for more than 30 years. He is dedicated to helping clients make use of the financial resources they have to live the kind of life they want.

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Kansas City Financial Advisors & Wealth Management

Comprehensive Advisory Services. Financial Planning andInvestment Management for families and businesses. From growth to exit, we provideFull Scope transition servicesfor Dentists, Doctors andother business owners. Private investments forportfolio diversification. An unconventional approachto investing in the real economy. The Legacy Group of companies are designed to assist individuals in navigating the challenges of growing and preserving wealth.  While these companies all have varying expertise and specialties they are all geared with one goal in mind: helping you accomplish your financial goals through the growth and preservation of your wealth.

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Claritas Administração de Recursos Ltda. and its affiliates (collectively “Claritas”) neither sell nor distribute shares of investment funds or any other security. The services, investment funds or any other products referenced in this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific investment advice for you. The contents of this website are not intended to sell services, investment funds or any other products over the internet nor should them be regarded as an offer of solicitation for such services, investment funds or products.

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Exchange Chambers

Andrew has a reputation for being a leading junior in banking and financial services. Andrew’s practice is commercial chancery-based, specialising particularly in disputes relating to the interpretation or breach of most types of commercial contract, personal guarantees, mortgage and trust deeds and joint venture agreements, claims for breach of trust, fiduciary duty and directors’ duties and cases involving commercial fraud including freezing injunctions and asset recovery, both for an against banks. Andrew is frequently instructed on matters involving cross-border enforcement of judgments and anti-suit injunctions.

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How much will you really earn as a graduate in an investment bank?

Graduate salaries in investment banks are already high. Recruiters say they’re about to become even higher still. http://news. efinancialcareers. com/uk-en/193033/morning-coffee-citis-new-higher-pay-accelerated-promotions-junior-bankers-optimal-working-hours-per-week/ Banks already pay more than other graduate employers, and are said to have hiked pay further still Guess what? On average, the investment banking sector pays graduates the most. Research firm High Fliers asked Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.

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CORPFIN 6004 - Global Wealth Management | Course Outlines

The University's policy on Assessment for Coursework Programs is based on the following four principles: Assessment must encourage and reinforce learning. Assessment must enable robust and fair judgements about student performance. Assessment practices must be fair and equitable to students and give them the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Assessment must maintain academic standards. Assessment Summary To gain a pass for this course, a mark of at least 50% (complete) must be obtained on the examination as well as a total of at least 50% overall.

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Mereaux Wealth Strategy | Dallas Wealth Management Firm & Financial Advisor

Learn when it may not make sense to file a claim on your home insurance. For homeowners who think their property taxes are too high, there are ways to appeal. Ascertaining the value of your business is important for a variety of reasons. Can you keep up with your children’s mobile slang? Important items to consider when purchasing condo insurance. Umbrella liability can be a fairly inexpensive way to help shelter current assets and future income from the unexpected. Estimate the maximum contribution amount for a Self-Employed 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, or SEP.

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Singapore in market news - St. James's Place Wealth Management

On 9 August this year Singapore celebrated 50 years of independence with fireworks and events across the island. It has become independent twice; once from the British when it was decolonised in 1959, and then in 1965 when it was expelled from the Federation of Malaya. Fifty years ago Singapore was a poor tropical island with few natural resources, no compulsory education and a potentially explosive racially and religiously diverse population. Today it is a stable country – a global financial and export centre with some of the world’s most highly skilled workers.

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We Are Here to Help You!

Your credit score may influence how much you pay for auto and home insurance. Many Americans are operating their personal finances with only the barest minimum of knowledge. When selecting a fixed-rate mortgage, a borrower has to determine how many years to finance the loan. Six overlooked tax deductions to help manage your tax bill. Understanding how capital gains are taxed may help you refine your investment strategies. Even low inflation rates over an extended period of time can impact your finances in retirement. Use this calculator to estimate your net worth by adding up your assets and subtracting your liabilities.

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Creative Planning, Inc. | Wealth Management

– KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL (2015)– BARRON’S MAGAZINE (2013-2015) – KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL (2015) – BARRON’S MAGAZINE (2013-2015) At Creative, we believe a client’s portfolio must take into account where they are and where they want to go, as well as all of the unique circumstances that apply to their situation. For over 30 years, we have been working with individuals and institutions to customize and manage portfolios designed to optimize the probability of success. We take our role as trusted advisor seriously, using proprietary strategies and techniques we have developed over the course of multiple market cycles.

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