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Comprehensive Advisory Services. Financial Planning andInvestment Management

for families and businesses.

From growth to exit, we provideFull Scope transition servicesfor Dentists, Doctors and

other business owners.

Private investments forportfolio diversification.An unconventional approach

to investing in the real economy.

The Legacy Group of companies are designed to assist individuals in navigating the challenges of growing and preserving wealth.  While these companies all have varying expertise and specialties they are all geared with one goal in mind: helping you accomplish your financial goals through the growth and preservation of your wealth.

At the core of this effort is Legacy Advisory Group, LLC – an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  We assist our clients with defining their financial goals, then develop and implement a plan designed to manage risk, preserve wealth and work towards meeting those goals. We create synergistic financial plans – plans that look at all areas of your financial life so the pieces fit together working towards the same goals.

Legacy’s independence and status as an RIA means that we act as a fiduciary for you…helping you make decisions that are in your best interest and without the pressure of a larger organization.

Legacy Practice Transitions Consulting, LLC assists doctors in the purchase or sale of a practice. With the complementary expertise of the

Legacy Advisory professionals we view the transition through the wider lens of the doctor’s overall financial goals.  Whether you are buying your first practice or selling your practice and transitioning to retirement we will help you plan your transition within the broader framework of your financial plan.

Legacy Private Equity invests in angel, early stage and secondary growth companies that design innovative and competitive products and services.  These investments are implemented within a small, non-liquid portion of our clients’ portfolios (must meet accredited investor status). The exposure to private investments provides our clients with assets having little to no correlation with the general stock market.

If you want to learn more about how Legacy can assist you please contact us.

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